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If you are talented creator or digital activist, feel free to reach our editorial
team in order to cover or promote your project within WM Daily platform

How To Submit A Project

WM Daily's editorial team tries to be in touch with everything that resonate with our audience and community. It includes the latest projects and creative works, activist initiatives and campaigns, new ideas and concepts. If you want drive an attention to your project, please reach us using a contact form. If your request fits to our audience we will inform you about the possible options (coverage, interview, promotion, campaign and etc).

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  • #CoCreate. Creativity & Art;
  • #CoCreate. Creative Works & Projects;
  • #CoCreate. Creative Solutions;
  • #CoAct. Digital Activism;
  • #CoAct. Digital Movements;
  • #CoAct. Society & Social Issues;
  • #CoAct. Sex & Genders.

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