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    WMCF School. How To Lead The Rebellion
    WMCF School is an award-winning mentoring program for #Under25 creatives which includes 3 months of individual
    guiding, Up 20 hours of 1:1 sessions with mentors and experts, access to our 200.000+ network and much more

WMCF School was established with a goal to increase amount of promising projects within our network funnel and acceleration program, specificially with a focus on individuals and early-stage projects. The program is generally based on our award-winning mentoring approach (highlighted by UCLA, 2017) developed specifically for 18-30 creatives and entrepreneurs (like mediapreneurs, socialpreneurs, creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists and etc). Our participants are provided with the different opportunities and perspectives from 1:1 mentoring sessions to network access. However, one of the key benefits is an opportunity to be featured for fellowships, funding and further development. Our school commission and some groups are led and guided directly by Artem Welker.

Our Program

Individual Strategy & Advisory Board
Our participants are provided with an personalized working plan, advisor (key mentor) and additional mentors who can be leveraged for your project for specific goals and needs. So there is a group of relevant specialists who help you to develop and grow your venture.

1:1 Sessions With Experienced Experts
Our participants get an access to individual sessions (at least 10, up to 10 hours overall), which provides you with a specific knowledge. Some of them implies the format of discussion, some of them are topic focused conversations that have a goal to drive a knowledge about specific areas.

Our participants are provided with an assistant whose goal is to help to be in touch with a program. You always can ping your assistant about important questions and issues.

Community & Media
Our participants are also provided with an access to our community, knowledge and resources. In particular, you can get a community-only content, establish a direct conversation with other peers. Also your project may be granted with a coverage within our network.

Access To Accelerator & Funding
Pre-acceleration program helps you to work closely with experts in order to prepare your project for further development and funding within our main program.

Our Focus

Since WMCF School is closely connected to our Laboratory and Network, there are specific focus of the process that help us to spend your time on the most valuable areas and fields that define 80% of your success. This focus is also reflected in special sessions that are held in online format when you can get a personalized advice from experts and mentors.

Leadership sessions are dedicated to your entrepreneurial and creative development. It includes personal development and effeciency, career perspective, short-term and longterm vision.

Strategy sessions bring a personalized conversations about the key challenges and ways to overcome it. These sessions can be divided on sub-topics including business model and strategy, marketing, team building, scalling and etc.

Resources & Funding
Resources & Team sessions brings an insights about how you can leverage our network or communities beyond in order to expand and grow your current ventures, including investments and fellowships.

Our Alumni

Who are our alumni?

WMCF School is specifically designed for young creatives and entrepreneurs. Below you find the main groups of our alumni:
  • Entrepreneurs (specifically socialpreneurs and nonprofit entrepreneurs);
  • Creative executives and entrepreneurs (ex. - art freelancers);
  • Bloggers, creators and influencers;
  • Other creatives.

Annual categories

There are also specific categories that define the priorities within our program. Projects related to these categories are more often selected to the WMCF School.

  • #Under25 Projects in the fields creative technologies and ventures founded and managed by under 25 founders.
  • #Creative Fighters Projects in the fields of digital activism and socialpreneurship.
  • #SisterHood Projects driven by female founders and related initiatives.

Program ambassadors

If you want to spread a word about our program, you can reach us about becoming an ambassador within a specific region or city. We grant our volunteers with 15% royalty for attracted applicants who were rolled for WMCF School.

Friendly Ecosystems

WMCF School Guidelines

How WMCF School differs from WMCF Accelerator?

WMCF School is mostly focused on education and mentoring process. At the same time WMCF Accelerator is relevant for mature projects, since it's more about presentation to our partners, organizations and funding process.

What's the main mission of the program?

WMCF School was established with a goal to increase amount of promising projects within our network funnel and acceleration program, specificially with a focus on individuals and early-stage projects.

Do you accept individuals' applications?

Yes. Art works, creative projects are often created and maintained by talented individuals. So we accept such applications.

How to become a participant?

You need to fill our applicant form. If everything is ok, we will reach you shortly in order to share all details.

Is there a preliminary selection process?

Yes. Our program commission conducts a preliminary screening in order to select the most relevant projects and individuals. We will let you know, if your application meets the basic requirements.

Which is typical size of groups?

It diffenrs from region to region. But usually they do not exceed 10-15 people per season.

Who guide and advice me during the program?

Our participants are provided with an personalized working plan, advisor (key mentor) and additional mentors who can be leveraged for your project for specific goals and needs. Specific persons can differ from region to region.

How are WMCF chapters involved to the process?

Our ambassadors and volunteers help us to find relevant projects in specific locations and regions. They also support our offline activities like events and gatherings.

Do I need to visit your chapters / headquarters in order to participate in the acceleration program?

No. You don't need to visit or reach our chapters. Our acceleration program is held in an online format. But since we grant our participants with an access to our community and network, you can participate in some offline activities and events depending on your region.

Do you provide any kind of certification documents?

Yes. We provide a specific documents granted by WelkerMedia and WMCF community.

Can I apply from the [country name]?

We accept applications regarding participant's location. So you can apply from any country or location.

Our Stories

Megalia: How To Fight Gender Inequality In South Korea

Violence against women in South Korea is increasing. A feminist group named Megalia fights for women's rights in Korea and attracts the world's attention to this problem.

Catchafire: How Rachael Chong Blew Up The Volunteer Market

Imagine you are a new-opened nonprofit organization. What to start with? Once Rachael Chong asked herself the same question, and it resulted in the largest matching platform that helps nonprofits to find volunteers.

The Action Network: A Platform That Could Help You Change The World

Lately, political decisions of 'those in power' have been giving rise to a myriad of protests, marches and petitions. The Action Network is a digital organising tool behind the famous Woman’s March and the People’s Climate March.

Everyday Sexism: How Laura Bates Fights Harassment With Real Stories

Everyday Sexism Project was created by Laura Bates, British actress who now took the role of feminist activist and journalist. Her goal is to raise awareness on sexism in modern world and make it change.

Black Youth Project 100: The Voice Of Black Female Ascendancy

The governmental failure to prosecute the culprist of officers murdering black community members induced large-scale uprisings in many American cities. The distinguishing mark of these protests is young Black women organizers.

HER: The Story Of Robyn Exton, Creator Of Social App For Lesbians

“Her” is the social app for lesbian, bisexual, queer and transgender women that does more than find a date – it gives a community. And it’s not just about dates, here it’s also possible to read articles and find events specific to the queer female community..

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