The Warm Place Family

Our partner community involves world-known foundations, organizations and brands who are willing to support our mission within WelkerMedia & WM Fund

Why Join Us?

Membership packages & benefits
Once you donate or support us, you become our member. After that we provide you with special options depending on your package and membership type:
  • Supporters list;
  • WM Media (partner access and campaigns);
  • WM Action Lab (partner access and co-financing);
  • Community (member-only content and events);
  • Special projects.

  • Our supporters
    The pool of our members includes both large international organizations and individuals. In particular:
    • Governments & public organizations;
    • Social organizations;
    • Foundations & nonprofits;
    • Brands and corporations;
    • Individual supporters.

    How Join Us?

    We sincerely thank each organization or individual who are willing to support us. In order to start, just choose an amount of donation are you ready to provide and feel free to reach us. After that we will provide you with all the details regarding packages options and special opportunities for our members.

    Member packages

    • Leadership Partners ($250,000+);
    • Senior Partners ($100,000+);
    • Partners ($25,000+);
    • Supporters ($5,000+).
    In case, if none of options work for you, don't hesitate to inform us, how you would like to support our network and peers.

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    Our mission is to provide a next generation of creators and activists around the globe with a full access to ecosystem, information and like-minded people that help them to grow their career, creative potential and lives. Keep in touch with us through our network, projects and media outlets.

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