WMCF Corporate Community

Our corporate program unites the most brightest organizations, brands and foundations
are willing to support our mission and build a better future for creative youth

Our Benefits

What do we provide
We try to treat each partner in customized and personalized way, implementing the most beneficial corporate program and initiatives. Below you can find some basic opportunities we grant to our partners, including an access to:
  • WMCF Network & media initiatives;
  • WMCF Lab tracks and projects;
  • Talent programs;
  • Sponsorship programs;
  • Investments programs;
  • Special events;
  • Premium community.
Our supporters
The following types of companies have benefits from working with us:
  • Brands and corporations;
  • Tech Companies;
  • Social Entreprises;
  • Non-Profits;
  • Foundations & Funds;
  • Governments & Public Organizations.

Our Packages

In order to provide our partners with a better experience, we've built special packages that allow you to choose the most appropriate level of interaction with our network and fund.

Choose your package

  • Leadership Partners ($1,000,000+);
  • Keystone Partners ($250,000+);
  • Senior Partners ($100,000+);
  • Associate Partners ($25,000+);
  • Development Partners ($5,000+).
if none of the packages fit you, feel free to reach us and we try to find a personalized package for you or visit our donation page.

Our Peers & Supporters

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