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    WM Pulse helps organizations to connect with our community in order to being involved
    as a catalyst, sponsor or partner within valuable digital movements, campaigns or events
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Sponsor / Activate Creators
This option allows you to be involved to relevant campaigns, movements and events within our creators network and beyond it. Moreover we also help you with influencers, activists and creators relations, so you will be able to initiate campaigns leveraging relevant persons and opinion leaders.

Sponsor / Partner Our Events
As active educators we have a mission to find, involve and inspire a new generation of indie talents and tech-savvy creators. So we are always happy to collaborate with brands and organizations who also care about it. Our activities include: programs, performances, mentoring and other options that helps to grow the community.

Share Your Leadership
Mentoring is not only prerogative of business and startup accelerators anymore. Today is a crucial part of creative and professional path for any person / project. However it's also an opportunity for organizations to share the knowledge and experience in order to sustainably grow it's own leadership and reputation. At this moment we involve creative leaders and entrepreneurs as mentors and advisors for our community's members.

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Our Projects

WM Daily. ReCreativity + ReSociety
WelkerMedia' daily publications that provide gen z creators with
an actual information, insights and stories related to the following
topics: creativity & entrepreneurship, digital activism & society,
modern creation advice.

Creator's Guide
Mentoring program provided by our founders and external experts that
help liberal arts, media, social and other creative students / youngsters
turn to tech-savvy creators, choose the right career's direction, build
a portfolio and being featured for our talent network.

22 Under 22 Awards
Annual awards that define the top entrepreneurs, creators and
activists with exceptional achievements in social, creative and
human development ventures.

The A To Z Of Beni: Nadir Nahdi’s Project Capturing Millennial Talents

London producer Nadir Nahdi, 26, has launched a project called Beni in desire to connect millennial talents from all around the world. Thus he aspires to prove that there should be no template to follow and no prejudice to adjust to.

Inside The “Orange The World”: Ending Gender-Based Violence

United Nation Women organization established 16 days campaign "Orange The World" with a purpose to change people's moods toward violence against women..

The Waldorf Project: Immersive Experience Challenging The Senses

The Waldorf Project presents new dimension of art and performance – and offers a chance to experience that with their new edition, so-called Chapter 3 / Futuro created by British visualista Sean Rogg.

Everyday Sexism: How Laura Bates Fights Harassment With Real Stories

Everyday Sexism Project was created by Laura Bates, British actress who now took the role of feminist activist and journalist. Her goal is to raise awareness on sexism in modern world and make it change.

Black Youth Project 100: The Voice Of Black Female Ascendancy

The governmental failure to prosecute the culprist of officers murdering black community members induced large-scale uprisings in many American cities. The distinguishing mark of these protests is young Black women organizers.

HER: The Story Of Robyn Exton, Creator Of Social App For Lesbians

“Her” is the social app for lesbian, bisexual, queer and transgender women that does more than find a date – it gives a community. And it’s not just about dates, here it’s also possible to read articles and find events specific to the queer female community..

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#CoAct #CoCreate #CoMentor

Our mission is to provide the next generation of creators and activists with a full access
to ecosystem, information and like-minded people that help them to grow their career, creative
potential and lives. In order to do this we create our daily publications that cover such topics as
creative entrepreneurship, activism and modern creation advice. We also provide special events
and mentoring to educate and inspire our community. Finally, we are happy to connect you with
relevant CoActors, CoCreators, CoMentors and Organizations to scale and grow your talent.

WelkerMedia's Team & Founders