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    The Manifesto Of Creative Fighters
    WelkerMedia is a leading not-for-profit media organization, operated by and for creative youth, that
    empowers voices of creative fighters within the most dynamic emerging communities, groups and niches

From USA and Russia to South Africa, we act as catalysts and supporters of new ideas, creativity and social change. With a help of our worldwide community, teams and partners we bring a fully independent, sustainable media model that develops various projects and initiatives including media network and community (WMCF Media), acceleration programs (WMCF Lab) and much more. If you want to become a member, ambassador or get an access to career opportunities, feel free to reach an appropriate chapter in your region.

Our Projects

WMCF Media
As a media company in our core, we create community and content for a new generation of creative fighters. To the date we are developing various media projects that empowers and catalyzes our audience in such areas as creativity, art, activism, culture and society. It includes media outlets, media production, special projects and much more. Our media network also includes a wide community of ambassadors who help us to be in touch with various voices, talents and works. [Learn More]

It's a creative laboratory and an acceleration program that is targeted on finding, supporting and producering of promising creative projects and ventures. Within WMCF Lab we act as producers, co-creators and mentors working both with projects and individuals. Our structure includes the annual screening process (competition), that selects the most relevant applications and further acceleration program, that involves different elements from co-producering to funding. [Learn More]

WMCF School
Our "School" programs were established with a goal to increase amount of talented peers within our network funnel and laboratory, specificially with a focus on under 25 individuals, In particular, WMCF School initiative includes the same name educational program, mentoring program, internships and related activities. [Learn More]

Warmplace 2020

As a mission-driven organization, our work is defined by our key Manifesto that developed and updated on an annual basis by our founders and community leaders. Such approach helps us to select the perpective goals and metrics within the key initiatives and keep our activities transparent for our partners and community. To the date we act under The Warmplace 2020 Project ("The Manifesto Of Creative Fighters") that includes the following objectives:

  • Empower creatives, talents and entrepreneurs within the emerging regions and communities with a focus on underserved groups and minorities;
  • Provide an equal access to the global community, education, acceleration and funding despite of person's location;
  • Increase an amount of profitable / scalable projects that able to bring a sustainable effect for a local ecosystem and beyond, including socialpreneurship, creative works, media, art and technologies;
  • Increase an amount of Under 25 creatives who have an access to mentoring, acceleration and funding;
  • Increase a total valuation of local creative clusters involved to the program.
Project tools:
  • Independent media and community;
  • Media and social initiatives;
  • Education and acceleration;
  • Funding.

Our Peers & Supporters

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Our mission is to provide a next generation of creators and activists around the globe with a full access to ecosystem, information and like-minded people that help them to grow their career, creative potential and lives. Keep in touch with us through our network, projects and media outlets.

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