• WelkerMedia
    A Warm Place For Changemakers
    WelkerMedia is a mission-driven nonprofit media organization that empowers underrepresented
    creatives and changemakers through independent network, movement and foundation

From USA and Russia to South Africa, we bring a fully independent and sustainable model based on our chapters, peers and community. It develops various projects and initiatives including media network and community (WM Media), acceleration programs (WM Action Lab), fellowships (WM Fund) and much more. If you want to be heard or join us, don't hesitate to reach us directly or through your local chapter.

Our Projects

WM Media
As a media organization in our core, we create community and content for a new generation of creative fighters. To the date we are developing various media projects that empowers and catalyzes our audience in such areas as creativity, art, activism, culture and society. It includes media outlets, special projects and much more. Our media network also involves a wide community of ambassadors who help us to be in touch with promising voices, initiatives and works. [Learn More]

WM Lab
It's a creative laboratory and an acceleration program that empowers and promotes underrepresented creators and changemakers across the globe. Within WM Lab we act as producers, co-creators and mentors working both with projects and individuals who represent specific works, ideas or public movements regardless of age, location or stage. [Learn More]

WM Fund
It is a nonprofit foundation that supports our development and fellowship programs. With a help of various donors and partners we invest in the early-stage projects and works which fall under our programs. It's important to mention, that we don't accept unsolitated requests of funding, mostly relying on our network. [Learn More]

Warmplace 2020

The Warmplace 2020 Project ("The Manifesto Of Creative Fighters") is a social project and movement that has a goal to provide underrepresented creatives with opportunities to be: educated, guided, funded and noticed.

Our key regions:
  • Eastern Europe;
  • Africa & Mena region;
  • Asia-Pacific region.

  • Our key catalysts:
  • Our network and chapters;
  • WM Fund;
  • WM Action Lab.

  • Our approach:
    • Fully independent, not-for-profit network driven by and for independent creatives;
    • Fully independent and self-organized local chapters;
    • No-censorship and freedom of thought approach;
    • Peer to peer approach that allows chapters to involve ambassadors and peers depending on experience, occupation and objectives;
    • "Create for good" approach that allows chapters to empower and develop local communities;
    • An equal access to the global network regardless of person and project location.

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    Our mission is to provide a next generation of creators and activists around the globe with a full access to ecosystem, information and like-minded people that help them to grow their career, creative potential and lives. Keep in touch with us through our network, projects and media outlets.

    WelkerMedia's Team & Founders