#CoCreate. Internships For Under 22 Creatives

Our internships focused on undergraduates and young creatives who would like to grow
their skills and build a solid portfolio through practice, mentoring and individual projects

The Youngsters Power

We offer internships since the founding of the company as a part of our creators network. Then and now it's one of the crucial ways to find and leverage promising talents and minds. Moreover, every fourth member of our team was initially found through the internship process.

Why do our internships stand out?

  • We accept undergraduates 18-22 years old even without experience;
  • You can combine it with your University's agenda or other job;
  • You will collaborate with our international team;
  • You will get a personal mentor who will monitor your progress;
  • You will get a free Certification from WelkerMedia WM Academy;
  • You will have a chance to become our constant team member.

Key areas

  • WM Daily publications;
  • WM Forge & Pulse projects;
  • Branded projects;
  • Individual projects.

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