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    Changemakers Fellowship
    WelkerMedia Fellows is an annual competition that selects the most promising changemakers
    and creators to provide them with fellowships and full compensation for the Action Lab program

WelkerMedia Fellowship is opened for any participants, including our peers and changemakers beyond our network. Our approach is highly selective - we run 1 cycle of screening per year, choosing not more than few applications submitted by our peers. It's important to mention that your application MUST be belong to one of the following categories: Social Change Ventures, Social Artistry & Creativity, Creative Ventures & Works. If you want to nominate your application for Fellowship 2018 or get compensation for participation in the accelerator, please accurately read the guidelines and fill out a form.

Fellowship 2018

WelkerMedia Foundation grants limited amount of projects that were featured by our selection committee. Awards include:

  • Accelerator costs compensation;
  • Grants up to $15.000;
  • Investments (optional).

Our awards and fellowships are exclusive to young creatives in the fields of Social Change Ventures, Social Artistry & Creativity, Creative Ventures & Works. To be eligible, applicants must identify as persons under 30 years old.

The Selection Process
Our selection committee is formed from a group of community councils, WelkerMedia staff, and external experts. The committee reviews all applications submitted within the specific period and evaluates each project based on a number of criteria.

Calendar 2018

  • Submission Period: April 15 - October 15
  • Review Window: September 1 - November 1
  • Fellows Selected: November 15

Our Guidelines

Who can apply?

The WelkerMedia Foundation accepts request from individuals under 25 years who represent specific works, projects or ventures in the fields of: Social Change Ventures, Social Artistry & Creativity, Creative Ventures & Works.

Do you accept individuals' applications?

Yes. We accept individuals who represent specific works (art or creative works), media projects (bloggers) or movements and ideas (activists).

My request does not fall under the fields listed above. Can I still apply?

Sorry, we only grant, support and fund projects which fall under the fields listed above.

We are startup or organization seeking financial assistance. Are we ellegible for funding?

We don't grant or fund ordinary startups or business organizations, excepting specific social, education or human potential technologies. Our main focus is talented individuals, socially-significant projects, ventures or technologies.

How old do I have to apply?

The applicant's full age must be 30 years old or younger.

Can I apply from [country name]?

We accept applications regarding participant's location. So you can apply from any country or location.

Does your "emerging communities focus" affect the selection process? Are there regions that the most preferable?

We treat equally any application. However since emerging regions and communities meet the most significant social challenges and issues, participants from these regions often develop much more valuable solutions in terms of social impact and change. We specifically underline the following regions: Middle East and North Africa, South Africa, South Asia, Asia Pacific and Western Europe.

What restrictions are there for project nominated to the Fellowship?

There are no specific restrictions, if your project meets all the requirements listed above.

What happens after I submit my application?

Shortly after submitting your online application, you will receive a confirmation email, and the selection committee will review your application to make sure that you are eligible to apply for the WelkerMedia Competition. Due to the amount of applications, we don't inform any applicant regarding the results. But we can reach you regarding media coverage and other purposes.

When are selected projects announced?

Due to an excessive number of applications terms of announce dates may slightly differ, but usually we try to finalize it to november 15.

How will I find out that I was featured?

We will inform you in case your application is selected.

What types of grants do you provide for featured projects?

Most of our winners get full compensation for participation in the Action Lab. The most promising ones may also be provided with fellowships up to $15.000 and funding options.

I wasn't selected last year. Can I apply again?

Absolutely, applicants are welcome to apply once per year. At the same time any applicants who submit multiple applications in the year may be disqualified.

Does The WelkerMedia Foundation accept ambassadors?

Sure! Our organization hugely relies on our worldwide community and peers. So if you want to spread a word about out fellowship or support us in any other way, feel free to reach us via career at welkermedia.com or visit our ambassador page.

Grants & Funding

WelkerMedia Foundation is a designated fund that provides grants and fellowships up to $15.000 based on our network and external donors. If you want to support our initiatives and help underrepresented creators to be heard, please reach our team.

WelkerMedia Foundation also provides custom funding options. With a help of various partners we invest in the early-stage projects and works which fall under our programs. It's important to mention, that we don't accept unsolitated requests of funding, mostly relying on our network.

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