YouTube was launched in 2005 and it would not be wrong to say that this site caused a real boom in the world of video distribution. Just one year since its appearance YouTube has achieved incredible results and was bought by Google. Since then the site has done a lot of things to maintain its position as the best video platform. Now, when there are no doubts that YouTube is great place for advertising, the site has managed to broaden its sources of profit by outperforming classical TV advertising.


YouTube is gaining traction

YouTube, as the whole digital media world basically, tends to be the platform mostly used by Millennials. And Millennials are those people who have been growing up with the internet gradual development. Unsurprisingly, today young people prefer using their smartphones for watching videos considering TV as an outdated technology. So YouTube’s success here is obvious.

However, YouTube now is trying to demonstrate that it is not orientated on teenagers only. Among most popular video-streaming sites YouTube is the one who really challenges television now. According to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki the website gathers more people in front of the screens than top 10 TV shows all together.

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Simple reasons of people’s choice

It is easier to watch shows on YouTube because you can do it any time you want without sticking to schedule. This is one of the reasons why more and more people turn to YouTube watching favorite TV shows. But it includes not only those shows which have already been shown on TV screens. According to The Verge the season finale of American Idol was watched by nearly 10 million viewers on YouTube, and the annual music festival Coachella got twice bigger online audience.

Another reason for people’s choice in favor of YouTube is that it provides an opportunity to watch shows everywhere on smartphones’ screens. Recent data says that about 60% of YouTube’s traffic comes from mobile devices and this tendency keeps growing.  The Huffingtone Post in one of its last year articles gave the reason for that. The crucial factor of audience’s choice is the original content provided by YouTube.


Instructive experience

That was a couple of years ago but now the fact of high mobile traffic is even more significant. Famous digital video analyzing company Tubular discoursing about YouTube reaching high results gives advices for advertisers. And the first advice given is to assure that your company reaches the mobile majority, because ‘the smallest screen offers us the biggest opportunity’.

Second essential lesson advertisers should learn is that YouTube now is the most suitable place for spending your marketing dollars. Such large company as Magna Inc. sets an example to follow. Magna cooperates with most popular brands like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and many others. As The Wall Street Journal writes Magna has signed a deal with YouTubeaccording to which it shifts $250 million in TV to digital video. The source also says that this money will be just one-eight of the total YouTube income this year.

The google data. Advertising statistics

And the last but definitely not the least lesson is that advertisers should orientate on their audiences’ preferences in the first place. As it was said before Millennials are the basic audience in internet. That means that marketers should take into account authorities among Millennials and work with them.

The essential part of modern authorities has come from YouTube. For example, Rachel Levin who is one of the most famous and popular vloggers. The amount of her subscribers has increased in nearly 4 times for the last year. So her participation in stylish campaign ‘It’s a trap’ has born its fruits. The girl also took part in such huge event like Digital Content NewFronts and Vidcon promoting digital video among young generation.  You may also read about how marketers turn to up-coming stars from YouTube here.


Here’s to new beginnings

So, considering all the facts the conclusion is that YouTube is the future of video advertising. But this statement is not quite right because this future is now.

TV is fading away compared to such a giant of video marketing as YouTube. However, it doesn’t mean that YouTube’s  aim is to replace television.  As Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said in 2013: “It’s not a replacement for something that we know. It’s a new thing that we have to think about, to program, to curate and build new platforms.”

YouTube keeps growing, keeps innovating. That is why the only thing left for markets to do is not to lose the moment and act now.

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