This Saturday the streets of world’s cities were colored in pink. Nearly 5 million women and male put on pussyhats and marched to show the disapproval of the inaugurated US President. Art and Creativity, being the heart of the campaign, were supposed to express the resistance on various fronts: homophobic, misogynistiс, and racist discourse in the country.

This nonviolent approach of voice opinion reached back to 1960s and civil rights movement. Just as then the campaign was deliberately organized in advance. Women’s March inspired people think over their creative assistance. The leaders of the campaign strongly emphasized «the nonviolent attitude» and believed in extraordinary activities «designed to maintain a high level of spirit and morale». Here all counted: whimsical posters and pieces of self-made satirical songs, blazing costumes and angry-human masks, prepared on-the-go art collections and performances.

Women's March Creativity Women's March CreativityWomen's March Creativity


«He Will Not Divide Us» by Shia LaBeouf

The most clearly-viewed slogans give voice to the real ambitious ideas. This relates to «He Will Not Divide Us» made by an American actor Shia LaBeouf. The four year anti-Trump art project is made to «show of resistance or insistence, opposition or optimism, guided by the spirit of each individual participant and the community». He lunched a livestream of a mantra «He Will Not Divide Us» at New York City’s Museum of the Moving Image on the day of the inauguration. The livestream is unstoppable, so everyone is able to choose for how long he or she wants to stand and repeat the words. The project is supposed to last for four years, or the whole Trump’s presidential term if it lasts longer.

Women's March Creativity


«A Woman’s Place is in the Resistance» by Hayley Gilmore

Another striking symbol of resistance is Star Wars’ warrior Princess Leia. Such a metaphor is explained to her popularity in a well-known space opera franchise and the rising appeal to the release «Rogue One: A Star Wars Story» directed by Gareth Edwards with the motive that any rebellion is built on hope. During the march Star War’s Leia was spread all over the world. Original poster was made by artist Hayley Gilmore with a slogan «A Woman’s Place is in the Resistance». Some took this very poster, others created their own. The most creative participants even dressed like Princess. Mark Hamill, Star Wars’ actor, wrote in his Twitter: «I know where she stood. You know where she stood. Such an honor to see her standing with you today».

Women's March Creativity


«Tiny Hands» by Fiona April

A musical message for Donald Trump was delievered by Fiona Apple with a minute song «Tiny Hands». Women strongly supported the song and were confidently yelling the lyrics «We don’t want your tiny hands/anywhere near our underpants» this Saturday. Actually this Apple’s song in not the first one dedicated to the inaugurated president. In December at Standing Rock Benefit she performed her vision of «The Christmas Song» titled «Trump’s Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire».

Women's March CreativityWomen's March Creativity


“Increadibles” Obama and Trump by Nikkolas Smith

Some creative manifestations looked rather childish and true-to-life at the same time. As «Incredibles-inspired drawing of the former First Family» by Disney Imagineer Nikkolas Smith, who received a signed thank-you letter from Barack Obama for this picture. The artist’s fans asked him to move forward in creating such a theme with Trump. The result is below.

Women's March Creativity

Women's March Creativity

Another actions were absolutely penetrating. For example, women directors at the University of Southern California used «today’s political backdrop for a timely screening and panel on «Triumph of the Will», a famous Hitler propaganda film». Artist Bill Sienkiewicz in his turn drew emotional farewell portraits of Obama in a gentle grey-yellow-orange scale where ex-leader embodied softness and sense of peace. March illustrator Nate Powell made «women’s empowerment signage art based on a concept by his wife and her friends marching in D.C.». Political artist Mark Bryan created some anti-Trump posters where the leader is depicted as a double-faced man, who manipulates the public and chooses the emotions needed to a particular situation.

Women's March Creativity

So Women’s March occurred on January, 21 is only about creativity and art, not about violence, cruelty or obscenity. It is made in order to made art speak by itself, making everyone wonder. And most likely it does.

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