The campaing #WomenNotObjects was launched by Manhattan agency Badger & Winters in January. It consists of ads and videos to combat sexism in advertising. The aim is to end objectification in advertising, to stop the harm caused by sexual objectification.

The site launched for the campaign has a petition on it, demanding Cannes Lions refuse ads that objectify women. The general rules of the festival states that they may refuse or withdraw entries which offend “national sentiments, religious sentiments or public taste.” So, the petition is trying to get Cannes Lions to enforce the latter.

#WomenNotObjects. Campaign


“What Our Kids See”

The ad “What Our Kids See” greatly demonstrates kids’ emotions and negative responses towards certain sexual ads. And know just stop and think – in fact, children surrounded by them every day. The actual concern is about girls and boys – sexually charged advertising affects genders of both young ages. The video shows a series of kids’ replies towards the sexual ads they see. We see, that the boys are very uncomfortable seeing images of objectified and nearly nude women.

Disgusting,” said one boy. “I don’t want to look at this picture anymore,” said another, while one boy said flat out, “I don’t want to talk about it, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

She thinks, that burgeoning sexuality may affect little boys not in an appropriate way. “Suddenly, there’s this separation between good women, like mommies and sisters and babysitters, and bad women, half-naked, half-dressed, whatever it might be,” – she said.

#WomenNotObjects. Campaign

#WomenNotObjects. Campaign #WomenNotObjects. Campaign #WomenNotObjects. Campaign


“Sex sells”

That became such a common thing that there are so many by sexy ads, that we simply don’t notice them. The Carl’s Jr. ads, the many fragrance and underwear ads, the beverage ads are taken for granted by the industry and many don’t even see the sexism anymore.

“That’s not okay, because we are one humanity…I talked just a tiny bit about this earlier with the 3% (Conference) people, but we live in a world with 32 different gender definitions. It’s really time to start looking at ourselves as human beings and that men are as vulnerable as women are. Men are as emotional, as sweet, as mean, as kind, as loving, as shallow, as deep, as smart, as dumb, as everything under the tree,” she said in comparison.

Don’t you think that we are better with ads which are reflecting our real life? That’s shows our everyday reality and touches us more. But let’s There are some things by which we are considering something to be offensive. So Madonna is comparing sexism and racism. The example is the incredible backlash a Chinese washing detergent ad received after it essentially made a black man white. She wonders why we are  calling that offensive but we can’t with sexist ads.


The #WomenNotObjects a boost

#WomenNotObjects. Campaign

The latest researches shows, that the effectiveness of campaigns using sex is not great, actually it’s not. Objectification is a very straight-line definition. It means reducing a human being down to the level of an object. While kids might be a main focus for the #WomenNotObjects campaign, adults out there are making progress. The “Are You Beach Body Ready?” billboard campaign was banned in London after getting 70,000 petitions. Brands like Aerie have body-positive campaigns, Dove promotes body diversity, and Alicia Keyes refuses to wear makeup. It’s a shift in culture that gives the #WomenNotObjects a boost.

Badger says that everyone in the industry needs to step back before they use sexuality as an advertising tool. She has seen it firsthand and it made her reflect and take the position she has today. So, she just said what she is thinking about.

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