Women’s life tasks and “functions” are not only to be the heart of a family and to born and raise children. Women can teach, women can research, women can control and women can lead. They lead their lives, their relationships, and their families. Stephany Lane Yarbrough, founder and CVO of the Institute of Women’s Enlightenment, furthermore believes that it is through women that an evolution in consciousness is made possible. Today, she wants to make the next move in the field of women’s enlightenment. For these reasons, she created the Institute of Women’s Enlightenment.


Enlightenment For And By Women

What sounds as a clear fact, isn’t absolutely clear for everyone: Women still face the injustice of the identification of men and women, when women are treated as the second plan or at least not as talented as men people. Those who understand women’s responsibilities in the family, human relations and maternity issues will surely be interested in activities of the Institute of Women’s Enlightenment or, other called, I-We.

The Institute was founded by Stephany Lane Yarbrough, a psychologist, and writer, to evolve “gender relation’s movement 3.0, a quantum leap in consciousness defining the nature of humanity and the way toward fulfillment through women’s worth and spiritual leadership”. After her graduation from the Dominican University of California in 1983, where she earned a bachelor degree in psychology, Stephany also studied at various higher educational institutions in different countries such as Personal Construct Psychology Institute in London, UK, Independent Research Studies in Geneva, Switzerland and the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio, US where she received her doctorate. Thirty years research and development in the field of human development, mostly in gender and women’s studies, gave Stephany the idea to create an institute made specifically for women’s enlightenment.

As is written on Stephany’s LinkedIn profile, her Institute of Women’s Enlightenment is “the first focus of a three-part gender enlightenment study supporting the health of humanity”. Under “enlightenment” Stephany understands “the alignment with the truth of our identity as women and men, distinct in development and worth”. She believes that it is time for humanity to understand that women have a great responsibility toward themselves and others in cultivating maturity. And for women, it is time to become co-creators with men with a consciousness of enlightenment.

“By transforming the fears of life into the contentment of worth and the dignity of life, evolution progresses: individuals find purpose, women, and men celebrate their truth, unions are made whole, children are loved, and the world can create partnerships fulfilling an emotional life through the wisdom of joy”, Stephany writes. And she claims that women are able to change our experience of life from one of seeking safety and happiness to one of joy. “It is through women that an evolution in consciousness is made possible. It is through men that an evolution can manifest to transform our lives”, she adds. To make this changes happen and to support women, Stephany started her Women’s Enlightenment project.


Institute of Women’s Enlightenment

The Institute of Women’s Enlightenment or the I-We is “a transformational, personal development, multimedia education and entertainment company revolutionizing the field of human development: “Happy Women, Happy World, Happy men”. It is also “a family of like-minded individuals who realize the importance of women’s consciousness and leadership in creating optimum partnership guiding the health of humanity” and “a unique consciousness of fulfillment personally and globally leaving a new legacy of purpose and love for our children grounding a respect and compassion for humanity with technological advancements”.

The I-We is actually a program for wise women that want to realize their plans and ambitions as well as forward-thinking men who “assert a new voice recognizing the distinction between sexes and dedicated to understanding the nature of maturity as a developmental consciousness of humankind toward fulfillment”. If the project will function successfully, people will be capable to greater improve the health and supervise the maturity of relations for the well-being of all and also return to joy as a state of happiness.

The project’s goal is to foster women’s social movements by producing products and services that should develop women’s consciousness, self-esteem, and leadership through educational programs and actions. It’s also created to make women feel their identity and to improve the mental leadership to have a positive impact on the maturity and health of the relationship. A peaceful fulfillment should be a result of the I-We’s work. The main task is to make people realize the importance of women’s consciousness and leadership in creating optimum partnership guiding the health of humanity.

The Institute of Women’s Enlightenment observations and researches show that the global market of women and men who are seeking the knowledge and the tools to help to improve gender self-awareness, purpose and fulfillment is growing. “With an enlightened consciousness, both men and women can ease the suffering of life by resolving a multitude of personal and global challenges”. Today, the I-We is working on easing the suffering of life by resolving a multitude of personal and global challenges. And project’s partners that assist the I-We are such organizations as Landmark, Eselan, Lifespring, and individuals such as Abraham Maslow, Gail Sheehy, Dale Carnegie, and Anthony Robbins’.

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