Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome brand-new gender initiative on the Web — Women Against Feminism. Sounds absurd? Crazy, maybe? Let’s get to it.

The movement

Women Against Feminism is the next child of so-called hashtag activism. Born on Tumblr in 2013, Now it has an “official” Twitter account, Facebook page (with 42k likes) and even merch T-shirts. The idea is simple: girls and women tell why they don’t need feminism – or rather show it through posting selfies with hand-written arguments on a card. “We’re judging feminism’s toxic behaviors, not some ideal dictionary definition”, explains their Twitter bio. In reality, not every statement goes in hand with this noble mission. There are examples of claiming that feminists are lesbians and support “killing of unborn children”. Or a girl who doesn’t need feminism since 1920 (do we have to tell her that women didn’t have a right to hold full Cambridge degree until 1948?). But, putting all these awkward moments aside, girls do have a point.

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Their point

Majority of them claim that feminists has taken their voice and feel oppressed by that, because modern feminism is radical movement — not in the whole, but thanks to its loudest part. We’re all familiar with this juxtaposition: men = predators, women = victims. Victimization gets a lot of attention of #WomenAgainstFeminism activists, “I’m not a victim” is one of their most popular and frequently repeated statements. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with unwillingness to be associated with group of people who compare men to sharks.

Women Against Feminism think that feminism demeans being a “true woman”, because the ones who want to be stay-at-home mothers are usually considered “victims of patriarchy”. And these girls are against feminism because they really believe in equality and “not entitlements and supremacy”, because “egalitarianism is better” and because they can achieve that they want “through their own hard work”. They also believe (and it’s hard to disagree with them) that patriarchy doesn’t exist anymore – in countries from which these women are from, of course. In general, all the judgment they generate is only applicable to Western feminism and very eurocentric in its nature.

So, why feminism is “toxic”? Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples which show its misandry and, um, twisted perception of reality, let me call it that way. Feminism demonizes men, feminists write articles like “how to teach men not to rape”, feminists believe in rape culture and patriarchy in 21st century America. And sometimes it’s just absurd.

What do feminists say?

Of course, there are women against Women Against Feminism – overwise, the world would be out of order. Some of them are just being sarcastic, and some successively criticize the movement piece by piece. And there are more radical and powerful messages: “These women are slandering the movement that enabled their freedom. They live in a world in which they and their mothers can vote, decide whether or not to work, who and when to marry, and whether and when to have children. That was not the case for women within living memory. They have feminists to thank for that, not Rush Limbaugh’s ideological forebears”.

However, anti-feminism wasn’t born today – it existed even in 19th century (yes, back to the time when every woman needed feminism badly) because of “nontraditional paths” feminists have chosen to fight for equality. And there was this well-known manifesto The Total Woman from the 70s, so today anti-feminists simply moved to social media – as well as third-wave feminism. Both of the movements are pretty uncompromising, so let’s just believe that there’s a place for true gender equality – or at least somewhere out there.

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