What do women’s magazines traditionally write about? Housekeeping, shopping, make up, how to attract a man… But are these the only things a modern woman interested in? Definitely not. Where Woman Create knows it and offers a woman diverse stratagies to develop her talents,creativeness and become successful in what she is doing.


The woman who creates

Meet a wonder woman Jo Packham, a journalist, entrepreneur and writer, the founder of Where Women Create magazines. She entered the publishing market more than 35 years ago and now she is the leading innovator there. Her creative process have been transforming from year to year: they have re-invented themselves from self-publishing soft bound needlework books, then to packaging hard bound how-to publications for major publishers, now to magazines and back to books. And now she found a perfect form that helps to unite creative women globally. By doing what she really loves, she inspires her audience and leads the community of women of the new era.

“I love publishing because it gives me the enviable position of working with the most talented artisans in the world today. Through the magazines and books I am able to give these women the opportunity to tell their story, in their words, from their perspective. They can, for a minute, act as if they have their own magazine to tell their readers what they would most like them to know”, – Jo stated in her interview to Do What You Love blog.

Publishing is not the only passion of Jo: 15 years ago Jo and her daughter Sara embarked on a venture that helped spark the revitalization and renaissance of Historic 25th Street in her hometown, Ogden, Utah. They opened three boutiques, Ruby & Begonia, The White Fig, and Olive & Dahlia, in the heart of this old commercial district. Their vision and creative entrepreneurship was rewarded with two Gifts & Decorative Accessories Retailer awards, one for visual marketing in 2002 and another for community service in 2003. Jo was also Chair and supervised for 11 years the growth of Ogden’s Christmas Village to become the largest holiday celebration in the state of Utah.


Three states of modern woman

Where Woman Create consists of three magazines that designted to cover all the aspects of moder woman’s life. These are Where Women Create — Inspiring Work Spaces; Where Women Cook; and where women create BUSINESS, for successful ladies. Jo has personally authored more than 40 titles, including her best selling titles: Where Women Create, Where Women Create: QUILTERS, Their Quilts, Their Studios, Their Stories; Where Women Cook CELEBRATE, and where women create BUSINESS: The Artisan Food Entrepreneur, Profiles in Passion and Success.


The visual inspiration

The first of the magazines, Where Woman Create, is designed for extraordinary women .It launched in November of 2009 and is now among the best selling titles of Stampington & Company,a publishing house that focuses on art and crafting industry. The heroines of the Where Women Creates’ articles are dancers, writers, artists, musicians and others talanted women. They show that the process of creating is as important as what ultimately gets created. The magazine puts attention to details of their work and their work spaces. These womensurround themselves with visually stimulating inspiration and unique organizational systems. And the magazine invites us to read inspirational stories and to learn from really special women of our time.


A delicious hobby

Woman who cook introduces a new view on cooking. For this magazine’s audience it is not an everyday routine, but the way of self-expression and creativity. And do not expect to meet housewives stories only here: on the pages of this magazine businesswomen, actresses, musicians, – modern women from any sphere share thair favourite recepies. In addition, there are creative storage ideas, “I want to do that” kind of kitchen decoration, delicious food and drink recipes, entertaining ideas, and inspirational stories of their journey.

A guide for womenpreneurs

Where Women Create Business is a guide for every woman business owner – from those just starting their journey to the experienced  entrepreneur. It contains advice articles and stories of real experience, giving to women an inspiration on their way to success and claims gender equailty in business sphere. The topics discussed there are useful and diverse: how to get the most out of your social media campaigns, to how to price your goods and pay your employees, how to wisely invest and others. Successful entrepreneurs can all learn from each other regardless of their niche or business model. Because different dusinesses face the same problems, but women’s businesses, in addition, sometimes meet discrimination. So here ladies share their personal experiences of how to survive and how to thrive in such a tough but exciting sphere as business.

“The horizon for us is to create a complete ‘community for creative women. I want a place on-line where they can inspire, connect, and share with each other. I want a world of creative friends that understand each other without having to explain themselves. I want a place where they can sell their work, do research, teach one another, and on and on” – Jo said in one of her interviews. And she keeps doing it: creating a society where women can feel confident and creative.

Where Woman Create promotes a new lifestyle of a morden woman who is free to chose what sphere to develop in. Jo Packham have created a warm place to support each other and share the ideas.

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