It is no secret that now brands are focused on the work of their social media branches to expand its customer base through product advertising and to receive as much feedback as possible. Frequently the platforms, such as Instagram, are used to search for data regarding preferred shades of new products and other points of interest. So today we will talk about the brand of available and inexpensive cosmetics, Wet N Wild, which managed to get under the spotlight of Instagram after launching its own rainbow highlighter.


Decent Replacement

It all started when in social networks, and above all on YouTube, there was a cosmetic novelty. The Rainbow Luminizer firstly was found on an Etsy shop named Bitter Lace Beauty. The palette named «Prism» was a fairy tale in reality: the right color for all skin types, and an extraordinary texture… There was only one unpleasant thing: the price for the highlighter rose for over $ 1,000. When many have despaired, Wet N Wild came to the aid. The brand presented its new rainbow highlighter, but as a limited edition. The most enjoyable was the price: only $5. It was sold out online in under five hours. Unexpectedly, the brand, which has only 874,000 followers on Instagram reached 13,000 likes and 900 comments in the same period of time.

Wet N Wild Instagram


Development And Expansion

On the wave of success, Wet N Wild has launched a new makeup collection for 2017. All 85 products – from lipstick to mascara – are in great demand in social networks, and beat the previous record in brand trends. Wet N Wild on the market for about 35 years. Recently it actively explore the Internet, social media and digital strategies. «In the past year, we put a serious focus on social media and used it as a source of consumer feedback,» – said Liz Villafan, communications manager at Markwins Beauty Products, Wet N Wild’s parent company. Brand launched an e-commerce site, built an in-house content studio at its L.A. headquarters, launched on Snapchat. Their audience is the sum of all social platforms totaled 1.3 million. According to the brand, this is growth in the 285 percent over last year. «Things like new products, formulas and packaging are based on the comments we’ve gotten on social,» – said Liz. The brand’s “Mega Glow Highlighter” product was part of a limited edition summer set, but active followers in Instagram hit the brand with the flow of comments for the return of highlighter. «Social media followers aren’t just for show — they’re a built-in focus group».


Something To Strive For

A year ago the Wet N Wild can hardly compete with fellow beauty brands like NYX, Maybelline and L’Oréal. On Instagram they have several million followers (NYX – 8.6m; Maybelline – 3.9m; L’Oréal – 2.5m). But apparently, Wet N Wild is on the bench not for long. Its Instagram actively gaining momentum. Also brand set up mobile apps that scan in-store products and augmented reality try-ons. «E-commerce was really important for us, because customers are doing everything on mobile — researching, consuming content — and making purchases online, even while they’re standing in a store,» – said Villafan. That’s how many success stories begin. The main thing is that the brand understands the power of media and uses it as his arms in the fight for the championship.

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