Technological advancements are gathering their place more and more quickly today, and digital transformation is no longer a farfetched objective for modern businesses. Dell Technologies places digital transformation at the heart of what they do, helping companies make The Internet of Everything a part of their strategy and operations.

Both customers and employees are demanding more personalization, secure connections and high-quality, on-demand service. Dell recognizes that this fact drives the huge need for companies to be digital leaders, and has asked 4,000 businesses across 16 countries to assess – what is their current position on their digital journey?

As the results show, 48% of business leaders are unaware of what their industry will look like in 3 years, and only 5% are classified as digital leaders. According to Dell, progress has been made, but there is still a lot more to do to bring digital transformation to a new level, in organizations and industries globally.

However, the business have anyway started to increase the amount of their efforts put towards digital advancement: with 66% planning to invest into IT and digital skills leadership, some 72% are already expanding their software development capabilities. In the meantime, seven companies have merged to work under one name – Dell Technologies – Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, VirtuStream, VM Ware and Dell itself. “We make digital transformation a reality”, says states Dell’s website home page.

Making reality – indeed, this is what Dell Technologies together with Y&R New York have been doing recently. The two companies have released “Let’s Make It Real”, a new campaign featuring Bernard Lowe, HBO’s “Westworld” series star, and directed by Tom Hooper, Oscar winner for “The Kind’s Speech” movie.

In the 60 seconds short ad, Wright enters the grand stage to tell apart magic and Dell’s technological power. “Magic is pretty amazing,” he says. “It can transform a frog into a prince. And sadness into happily ever after. But it can’t transform your business”. With dazzling effects and spellbinding projection mapping, Wright shows how jet engines get transformed into turbo powered safety inspectors, a dairy cow becomes a living data center, able to transfer online her needs for health support, and how a hospital room can be turned into a global diagnostic center.

“The big idea for this campaign is “let’s make it real”. Technology is a really complex thing, but what we are saying is – we get it. It’s difficult, it’s hard, there is a lot behind it, and let’s make it real is our promise,” – said Thomas Shim, global creative director at Y&R. In this campaign, Dell is not going traditional B2B or B2C way – they are rather trying to reach a business decision-maker audience.

Using projection mapping was a way for Dell to bring the invisibility of technology to the light, with the help of Frame Store. People may fail to recognize what Dell’s power can actually bring, because technology is always regarded as something intangible and its development as something hardly measurable. “We used projection mapping to bring some tangibility and create a visual language for all that Dell Technologies does and all the technology at work around us,” – stated Christian Carl, Y&R’s Global Executive Creative Director.

Choosing Jeffrey Wright as a front man for the campaign was quite logical, considering his “Westworld” series’ character line as head of programming and technology division, and his genuine commitment into Dell’s transformation idea. “When they first approached me with the idea, I was excited by the modernity of the campaign; we use apps, we have all of these new and more efficient services that are available to us, but I think the average consumer takes for granted the systems, the technology and the development behind those things. The more the consumers are aware, the more they will appreciate what the company is doing” – explains Wright.

“Magic can’t make digital transformation happen, but we can. Let’s make it real,” – he concludes his pitch in the campaign. While magic may still remain something unreachable, Dell shows us that digital technology can be the real force to evolutionary changes in many industries. The campaign invites customers to bring their hardest-to-solve problems and greatest challenges to let Dell cooperate with them, and turn something that might seem a fairytale into an absolutely possible reality.

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