We all know that Influence Marketing is marching around the globe and is particularly powerful in USA. However, not many of us are aware that social media influencers became the huge force in China. And today the most popular platform for influencing technologies there is messaging app WeChat – every month it has more than 762 million users.


Marketers say that this closed network is quiet a hard nut to crack. But for brands using influencers on WeChat is an easy way to build a strong and trustful connection with their public. The most popular opinion leaders often verify their accounts in «Subscription» and publish there advertising posts about brands. As for smaller influencers, use their personal accounts and post such materials on their «Memories», what helps to improve brand`s visibility.

One of the most interesting questions about WeChat – is the price. Influencers, who wright for a brand, for example, multiple times, can get hundred and even thousands of dollars. What is more, according to Brian Buchwald, co-founder and CEO for data intelligence Bomoda, some Chinese celebrities ask for a really huge amount of money – millions of dollars – for being the face of brand, what includes public appearances, TV commercials and print advertising.

We would like to present four key opinion leaders on Chinese WeChat and look at how they cooperate with brands.



Gogoboi is famous for comments on fashion trends and celebrities’ fashion tastes. His special instrument is a very personal and estimated language. He uses not typical for reserved Chinese culture words like “vulgar,” “failure” and “repugnant,” which are perceived as fresh and honest. Gogoboi’s account on WeChat contains lifestyle publications, fashion trends and celebrity news. He also has a mobile store where he promotes and sells lifestyle products like Gucci perfume and Keecie bags.

“The key difference between the American and Chinese markets is not trust itself but how trust is orchestrated by the influencer,” says Jennifer Li, CEO of influencer marketing company MuseFind. “Chinese bloggers are very open to say that they are paid or sponsored, because consumers over there are more accepting. In comparison, influencers in North America are selling in a subtler way; otherwise, they may risk losing followers”.

Gogoboi also arranges random competitions for prizes like Givenchy lipstick during important Chinese holidays. The sponsorship of such giveaways is still unclear, because in China there is no organization that works with ad disclosures.

WeChat Influencers. Gogoboi



MK specializes on beauty recommendations and has a large array of content from style tips to skin-care products. Her posts are very popular and gain thousands of pageviews. One of her most successful projects was about Zara design which makes Asian girls look taller. This post generated over 10,000 pageviews. One another post, that has 35,000 pageviews, was the test of different Korean BB creams.

MK`s success has not gone unnoticed, of course – today she touts quiet impressive volume of products. For brands and commercial requests, she has an email address at the bottom of her page.



In the past, Mimeng was the editor in chief for Nanfang Daily Newspaper, after what started her own movie production business. But today she is famous for talks about relationships, marriage, sex and love in a smart and humorous manner. Her account on WeChat is demanded – the price for sponsored post from Mimeng can generate more than 100000 views and 45,000 dollars.


Huohuo Han

WeChat Influencers. Huohuo Han

Han is an influencer in celebrity-style. Previously, he worked as project manager for Marie Claire China and then in 2009 became an online personality. Han pretends to be “the most handsome guy on earth”. He pals around many Chinese celebrities, including model and actress Angelababy, who is famous abroad as Chinese Kim Kardashian.

On his WeChat account, Han speaks predominantly about fashion trends. However, many well-known brands like Chanel or Ray-Ban have also appeared in his projects.

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