Last month retrospective of Belgian fashion designer Maison Margiela was announced in Paris. And now there is also going to be a new documentary called We Margiela.

If you are even a little into fashion it is likely that you will recognize which brand stands behind split-toe shoes, avant-garde silhouettes and no labels on its clothes. Maison Martin Margiela is on everybody`s A-list for its peculiarand innovative outfits. But its most important person, Martin Margiela is quite secretive. Unlike other designers, constantly present in media, has always been semi-anonimous and reserved. Moreover, the brand had identified itself as a collective vision using pronoun “We.” Margiela himself sold the label and left the position eight years ago. Though he is still a potent person, yet mysterious and shadowy.


What stands behind “we?”

The new documentary called We going to elucidate the secrecy. It feautures people who have been working with Margiela. “During the development of the film, the story became very much the genesis of the house. Because there are so few films on the house it was obvious that our film would also become the story of the house of Margiela, its relevance and of course how it ended,” – as claims mint film office, the company wich produced the film.

Those who stand at the origins of the brand tell their stories. There are frames with the members of the fashion house team including Axel Keller, who worked in sales, make-up artist Inge Grognard Grace Fisher, a model. Meirens herself elaborates on her and Martin`s plans of revolutionizing and modernizing the fashion world. There are also archives of those for whom Margiela had significance. For instance, the women in his Italian factory recalls the young designer in early career.


Collaboration leads to success.

“Our main interest was the whole notion of a shared creative process and group dynamics within creative communities,” according to mint film office. “It is something that we as a creative group of filmmakers have to deal with and also, around us we noticed that more and more, young and creative people were interested in working in groups more than striving for personal fame. Though we understand the longing to work in a group, we are wary about how much this is a romantic notion, an economic solution and whether a creative process can be democratic at all”. So, the film elaborates on the importance of collaboration and teamwork within the fashion house. It points out that it was a vital part of workers` lives.

“The house of Margiela is, of course, known for its ‘We’. They were a perfect group to ask all these questions. We knew they were always quite hidden, didn’t give any interviews, so we at the beginning didn’t suspect we would get into the group and story this far.”

This look at a fashion house of Margiela will be released later this year. One can also  sign up for the mailout for €19. It includes three envelopes containing documents and photographs from the upcoming book as well as backstage photoes and items from the Margiela archives.

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