In 2011 in Syria was started civil war, as a result 13.5 million people need humanitarian assistance, more than 11 millions are on the run, approximately 5 millions have been forced to seek safety. Among them was Wafia Al-Rikabi’s family member. Wafia Al-Rikabi, known to her fans as just Wafia. She is 24-year old singer, her mother is Syrian and father is Iraqi. When Syrian Refugee Crisis accrued they run over to Australia. “My entire extended family were faced with the reality of deciding whether to stay in a very dangerous situation or leave to only enter another”.    

“And methodical and calculated”

Before singer career Wafia wanted to become a doctor, actually she studied at pre-med. But instead of learning, she was hanging around with music. “Once my parents saw tangible things happening for me. I think once my song was in a movie, once they were just like…Oh, this has left her bedroom and it’s actually out here in the real world. And it’s getting traction and we should support her. And my dad always wanted to be an actor actually. So he is just … yeahh…living vicariously through me. I loved it”.

In October 23, 2015 was released into the world first Wafia’s song. ”I know I’ve released a lot more since but I feel like I owe it all to the song that birthed me. So incredibly thankful to all those of you that heard and shared Heartburn. It’s taken me to places I never would have thought so early on. I’m in a mild state of hibernation working on newer things to share with you”. The themes of her songs are various: from falling in love with a girl for the first time to the Syrian refugee crisis. Zan Rowe said: “And methodical and calculated and yet incredibly, full of heart as well. That is what I love about the music of Wafia”.

“I didn’t know my identity”

Recording songs is difficult and stressful procedure. So, Wafia said that at the beginning and end of it she went along somewhere. Just to hear herself more clear. “I didn’t know my identity, and where I stood in the world. I don’t fit in in the Middle East, I don’t fit in here, so I found being alone with myself helped me find myself, as cliché as it sounds. It was very enlightening for me”. Fans like Wafia’s lyrics and let such comments on her Facebook page“Your music is amazing Wafia. It makes me feel in a way that I hardly feel with songs, it’s like you can feel it with your soul. I love your voice!!” And “You are very inspirational young lady. All the very best for a successful future”. 

Wafia is using her music as protest. She wrote the tune after Trump promised a Muslim ban, and when her relatives refugee visas were denied when they tried to flee Syria for Australia.  “An effort to draw similarities between people coming together — from crossing country borders with other families, to marching and protesting a shared belief, or even just a night out dancing with friends. It’s an effort to find the beauty in any form of togetherness. What I’m trying to say is, I made something for you to dance and sing to. I hope you only ever sing it with purpose because we’re human and I think that’s worth celebrating but also remembering”.

“Cut the bullshit”

Song “Let Me Love You” had total of 1,000,000 plays online. Recently Wafia released “Bodies” on the Soundcloud it was listened more than 20 thousands times. “It’s a song is about a lot of things. I hope you find a deeper meaning in it for you and that you come to share it with me”. The song “Breathe In” was released in the movie with Zach Braff and Kate Hudson — Wish I Was Here (2014).

Several latest projects Wafia did with Ta-ku (Regan Mathews) an Australian musician, producer and photographer. Their works full of tenderness and beauty. The source of  Wafia’s ideas and inspiration is music either her own nor other musicians. Sia. I adore pop music and she does it so well. Her song writing style is so distinct too, it’s a quality I can only aspire to possess. Anyone who can collaborate with Flo Rida and still maintain their credibility is a hero to me”.

Wafia is young, but already notable singer with worldwide popularity. In the interview for “The 5 to 9 life” she gave such recommendation for people: I’ve been lucky enough to have received a lot of great advice but the one that springs to mind at the moment would have to be Matt Corby telling me “cut the bullshit”. At the time it was in reference to feeling creatively blocked/exhausted but now I’ve learnt it applies to absolutely everything”.

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