Confess that you like to pamper yourself with something unusual in a special day. W Magazine also decided not to lag behind and for 10th anniversary art issue devoted all its creativity nothing else but Snapchat theme. The conquest of the Snapchat space for the magazine was not completed just on this. W Magazine discovered Snapchat Discover as a place for communication with the audience and for the expansion of the boundaries.


«Snapchatty» Photoshoot

Everything started with unusual cover for the 10th issue. Two social media stars and BBF – Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid – were invited for the photoshoot, but it was not an ordinary one. The girls had to wear prosthetic noses and pointy animal ears. They were Snapchat animal filters come to life: Hadid was a lion-fox and Jenner was a bunny-cat. The shooting took place mainly on the chromakey, but in the end working space became a highly retouched background. This VR/Snapchat world was engineered by the artists Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch, two LA-based artists known for their digital influenced work. Even Massimiliano Gioni, artistic director at New York’s New Museum, said about them: «They are probably the only ones directly wired to the future. Their vision of tomorrow is equally terrifying and liberating, Edenic and apocalyptic».

W Magazine Snapchat Discover

W Magazine Snapchat Discover


Short-lived Discover Channel

As already noted, this photoshoot – it’s just one part of a great work on the magazine’s latest anniversary issue. The publication was generally interested in developing the idea of the interaction of art and fashion through the social networks’ lens. That’s why W Magazine has launched a 48-hour pop-up channel within Snapchat Discover. On this occasion W’s editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi said: «We were inspired by Snapchat and what you see there to tell a story about what Ryan Trecartin describes as the Disneyfication of the world». Let’s see what they produced else.

Content for the promotion of issue has been carefully elaborated from A to Z within a given idea: text, photos, pictures and GIFs were chosen specifically for the Snapchat’s format. For example, an interview with artist Yung Jake, who’s known for his celebrity emoji art, appears only on the app. As a nice bonus, users can take screenshots of his original works.

W Magazine Snapchat Discover


Followers will also be able to look behind the scenes of the magazine cover shots and watch Snapchat-specific versions of longer videos. But text articles can be seen both in the Snapchat and live on W’s website and in the magazine. Stefano Tonchi said that to complete Snapchat strategy beyond the pop-up, both digital and print editorial teams combined to create the stories, which are highly produced videos and articles.


New Horizons

Despite the fact that the audience of W Magazine consists of 70% millennials, between 18 and 34, the decision to delve into the Snapchat topic and social networks in general was made to increase awareness about brand among younger eyes. Lucy Kriz, W’s publisher and chief revenue officer, confirms: «Curated content for our readers where they’re consuming content is the total goal. And the ability for us to reach millions of new eyeballs of new millennials is incredible exposure for our brand».

According to visual intelligence platform Dash Hudson’s founder and CEO Thomas Rankin, this Snapchat strategy and producing content for the pop-up channel are smart steps for W. «Pop-ups create a lot of excitement and the fact they’re only around for a certain length of time will drive demand. There’s a sense of fear of missing out». However, Thomas also mentioned that it is not the reason to expect sales rise. People just are going to be more broadly aware of content and then wanting to engage with W’s content wherever it is.

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