In recent years people have become socially responsible and realized that they can be involved in social changes.  Today the voluntary sector is crucial for community development, while non-profits eagerly and globally seek for educated volunteers. No surprise that the volunteer market has become a substantial part of the state economy. 

People realize that one way to nudge ahead of the competition is through volunteer work. In this economy, you don’t have to sit on the couch. Go find a nonprofit that needs help and build a skill set while doing good. – Krista Canfield, a spokeswoman for LinkedIn.

We make a list of volunteer matching platforms that will ease your search for opportunities to make a social change.




Our mission is to provide talented individuals with meaningful pro bono experiences in order to build capacity for social good organizations.

Catchafire is based in the USA. It brings together individuals who want to change the community by giving back, and nоn-profit organizations that provide opportunities for developing leadership and training responsibility. To use this platform you have to follow 4-step instruction that involves browsing, applying, interviewing and finally, matching with non profit.

Points of Light


To date, Points of Light is the largest organization engaged in volunteer activities. According to information on their website, it ‘has mobilized 4 millions of people to take action and supported 76000 thousand of non-profits. President George H. W. Bush founded this organization 27 years ago to create independent opportunities that will inspire, encourage and empower citizens. Therefore, Points of Light’s mission is to inspire, equip and mobilize people to take action that changes the world.


All for Good

American presidents often influence the development of the volunteer movement. President Obama called on more Americans to serve in the name of society. In turn, Craig Newmark thought that to implement this appeal Americans need a platform that would unite willing and offering. Hence, All for Good platform was born, a kind of “a Craigslist for volunteering.”


Also, its creation in 2009 became possible thanks to the initiative of Google ‘’20% time’’, within which the company encouraged the work of its employees over their personal, side projects during working hours. Today the platform helps interested people to organize a volunteer project on their own, carry out all the logistics, find like-minded people around the world and volunteers. In fact, this is a large data base monthly offering hundreds of thousands of volunteer opportunities in different parts of the world.


Do It Trust

While it seems similar to other mentioned above volunteer databases, this platform initially focused on the implementation of modern technologies in the search process. Do-It Trust was launched as ivo in 2011 to modernize existing Following this approach, charity helped to strengthen social media confidence inside volunteer community.  Ivo network helps volunteer managers to introduce social media for work connection. «We are the digital social action trust».



For our first two years we were entirely volunteer run and from our humble beginnings we have grown to become a leading volunteering voice that harnesses digital to mobilize people to effect social change.

To date, the database offers about a million proposals from 50,000 volunteer centers, NGOs, charitable foundations and groups. Since this year, the platform has become part of a joint social partnership with Vivo Technology, which will secure the service from the beyond profit sector in a corporate environment.


Do Something

The motto of this millennial-oriented platform is ‘’Make the world suck less’’. The creators of the platform are convinced that, regardless of our age, we can influence and make social changes. DoSomething makes it possible to implement a wide variety of initiatives from a small local gathering of clothes for homeless people to pranking friends with a phone baby (teen pregnancy issue). Here you can both join the already initiated grid and organize your own thanks to the resources of the platform.

Team up with the people who have:
▪Clothed half of America’s youth in homeless shelters.
▪Cleaned up 3.7 million cigarette butts from the streets.
▪Run the largest youth-led sports equipment drive in the world.


This division of Points of Light also focuses on opportunities that empower modern youth. The site gives young people the tools and know-how to create change in the world. Its mission is to support the development of support the development of caring and compassionate generation. Within several programs this project connects caring adults with youngsters in order to shape their skills and competences that will make social change possible in future. As they say in the unit’s motto, they want to create a world where any child can leave a positive trace in improving the world.

The platform is adapted for kids and teens, parents and families, educators and organizations and offers a diverse range of age-appropriate and kids-oriented programs.




The philosophy of this volunteer-matching platform is based on the perception that society will follow if you show an example.

Be part of the good thing that happens when one person says ‘iVolunteer’… Do you?

The platform states such impact areas as education, poverty, health, environment, disadvantaged and vulnerable communities, and active citizenship. Meanwhile, it offers 5 different programs that facilitate volunteer search and match time and skills with needs and initiatives. While the organization primarily focuses on India, it enables international exchange of skills and competences. If International Volunteer Programme (IVP) attracts international volunteers to share their time and skills in India, iVolunteer Overseas promotes opportunities for Indians to broaden their worldview, to understand foreign perspectives and make an impact beyond their motherland.


Universal Giving

The main principle of this platform is going universally. By the moment, it offers opportunities in more than 100 countries. With Universal Giving you can go to build health facilities in Africa or working with orphans in Asia. In order to find your perfect match you can select a country and project focus (like education or poverty). You can choose if you want to give or to volunteer. You can give to the whole organization or specific projects.  The service also offers a gift package for a special occasion. You can make a gift registry of your favorite opportunities to encourage your friends.

Also, the proposed projects are carefully selected on a specially developed Quality model. It considers them from the point of view of compliance with business values.

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