Do you remember the time when you had to wait to see the photos from the fashion show? The average person, who could not get to the event, had to patiently endure the first professional pictures on the pages (or web pages) of fashion and news publications. But now this time behind. Increasingly, the show guests use their mobile phones to capture the event in real time. Why hide anything when even brands use apps such as Instagram Stories, Snapchat to inform its audience about the events on the runway and behind it. Today we talk about Vogue Runway vertical, which at the request of Nicole Phelps, director of Vogue Runway, promises that their «access is going to be unparalleled». Let’s see what they come up with this special.


Field For Experimentation

Vogue Runway vertical was launched last September to highlight the main coverage of special events at the house fashion week. They still use this branch. And plus to this, they experiment it with Facebook Live during a fashion show. «We noticed through looking at numbers and going on social and across the web that people are engaged in the shows half an hour, even an hour, before the shows», – said Phelps. Therefore, Vogue Runway decided that it would be appropriate to keep live broadcasts from behind the scenes of the podium. Along the way, it will be possible interview the models, designers and other media personalities on the issues that come from the audience. This solution is well thought-out marketing tool, because increasing the chance that the viewer will be fascinated by the show long before the beginning of the show itself.


Runway: Vogue Experiments With Facebook Live Videos


Vogue also will please its 6 million followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that broadcasted videos will not disappear without a trace after the fashion weeks. They will be repackaged for use on Vogue’s social media platforms. Taking into account that the modern viewer likes to watch the colorful, but not overextended video series, Nicole Phelps also plans to use 15-second runway teaser videos to headline web stories. However, they are not the first who decided to use Facebook Live to promote its publication in this way. Such publishers like The Scene, Elle or Allure use feature, for example, when they talk about beauty trends or sports training.


Great plans

Director’s plans do not end here. In her words, vertical intends to raise the files of photos and all content from 2000 (which is more than 12 000 shows, for a moment). All materials will provide content for the updated the Vogue Runway app. The new version of the application allows you to maximize for 360-degree and aerial images. «The app is like an encyclopedia of the last 16 years of shows now with the way it’s been updated, and you get a sense of that huge depth,» – she said.

Runway: Vogue Experiments With Facebook Live Videos

Judging by how actively designers and representatives of the fashion world are included in the digital world of social media, Phelps is right, and this year will be «monumental» for the fashion industry. Many people have already shifted their fashion calendar. Vogue is not far behind and quickly bursts into the agenda. Such Napoleonic plans, like Vogue Runway, no one has yet offered. Although we do not know what else you can expect and what will be tomorrow, if we are already witnessing dramatic changes in typical fashion shows.

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