The previous week hasn`t been easy for Twitter and the audience of many thousands: one of the most favorite video services is dead. But every case has two sides of the same coin, that`s why let`s see what positive moments are hidden here.

What happened?

On Wednesday Team Vine & Twitter wrote a message on Medium about discontinuing the mobile app Vine in the coming months. Also they fired 9% of the workforce. These news have shocked everybody. The simple application gave users either abilities of making any 6 seconds recoding videos or transform themselves into celebrities and make their names more and more popular. People really had an opportunity to share parts of their lives with each other, no matter how events were great: giving an advice, celebrating graduation or finding a lovely cat.

Vine Is Dead. But Brands And Creators Should Not Worry About It

It`s more than obvious that Vine has been a successful and hopeful project for Twitter. There are very powerful competitors in this market like Snapchat by Snap Inc. or Instagram by Facebook. It seems strange and a little unexplainably that while Snapchat is building more creative and useful space as full amazing shows on Snapchat, developing its Geostickers and a totally new type of camera Spectacles, Twitter has closed Vine without any explanations or future hopes.

One of original authors of Vine Rus Yusupov, who sold the company in October 2012, just wrote on his Twitter account a note which might be like calling not to make his mistake


Vine. Rus Yusupov,

What has Vine left behind?

It`s important to say that Twitter save Vine`s website. «We’ll be keeping the website online because we think it’s important to still be able to watch all the incredible Vines that have been made. You will be notified before we make any changes to the app or website.» It`s an important moment because the company demonstrates that users have been being respected all the times. Despite the fact that the application is still on iTunes, it has only the 55 position on iTunes Charts Free Apps. By the way, Snapchat, the main competitor, is the 2nd on this list.


What`s the next?

As Twitter Inc. hasn`t told about a vector of development or something about what Vine users should do, it`s better to follow the recommendation of Rus Yusupov – just find another ways of creation, imagination and self-realization:

Vine. Rus Yusupov,

Fortunately, it`s a good advice because the market of the same applications is saturated and rich. Vine`s case will be useful to other competing companies. Vine has left an empty space and other are ready to try really hard to grab even more areas.

Firstly, now one of the main purposes of these companies is a development of the most attractive and unique service with the best tools and characteristics which can attract people and turn them into brand`s fans. For example, it means that Snapchat is begging to be the only leader, so it would take the Vine audience and create as many updates, recording options and video processing ways to users will not regret and forget about their former «idol».

Secondly, well, the society doesn`t know why Twitter has closed Vine with no words but «big players» of this area know it or could suggest with high probability. They will analyze it again and again to save their own companies and to avoid a similar fate. It helps to keep strong participants and remove too weak.

In conclusion: it`s actually sudden situation which is very discussed by people on different websites and in the Internet at all. But from the clients` point of view, it`s a loss of their video platform, so they are opened to another – «The King is dead. Long live the King!»

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