It’s been a fruitful summer for the marketers. As we have already told you, the video content is on point now, but don’t take just our statistics-less word for it. Let’s have a look at the hottest stats to find out which platform is sexier for your branded creations.



  1. YouTube is an excellent way to reach millennials and slightly older part of the population, as it is more attractive than any TV network. In other words, YouTube hypnotises more audience in primetime than 10 coolest programmes all together.
  2. YouTube transfers 20% of all US video ads.
  3. Ryan ToysReview, a YouTube channel based on the original content created by a toddler, has generated 6.2 billion views up to date (do you still consider yourself a successful vlogger, you sucker?).
  4. 4% of YouTube uploads is gaming stuff.
  5. The amount of YouTube views on TV doubled this year.

So, to sum up, YouTube may be considered a great substitute for the TV in terms of reach nowadays. When these numbers are still mostly concern only millennials, it may be a good idea to relocate some funds to the vloggers’ endorsements strategy or create a game-like ad.


30 Notable Video Marketing Stats Of Summer 2016



  1. 100 million hours of Facebook videos are watched daily, 85% of which are enjoyed in a soundless mode.
  2. 8 million Facebook live videos are watched every day on mobile devices only.
  3. The whole amount of daily video views is 8 billion.
  4. 277 million of Facebook users engaged with the Olympic content.
  5. 44% of the US population turn to Facebook to watch news content. Some of the news shots on Olympics got up to 07 million views.

Wow, Facebook is truly impressive when it comes to videos. Probably, all the investments to the live content are paying off by now. Anyway, the most important points one should definitely remember are live, mute and mobile-friendly. All checked? Good.



  1. Snapchat has recently become a channel for 10 billion videos a day.
  2. An average amount of video views a day is 4 billion.
  3. During the Olympics the dedicated content got 50 million views.
  4. The sponsored filters reach 16 million users and cost $700 000 a day.
  5. Around 70% of users stop viewing a video after 3 seconds.

The stats clearly show that one should be quick and innovative with Snapchat. The price is insane, but it sucks that the audience most probably is not even going to enjoy your creation for the whole running time. That’s why you should be impressive immediately after the video starts. However, it is still not the best platform for video as to see them the audience should go to explore first. The filters are cool, though.


30 Notable Video Marketing Stats Of Summer 2016



  1. BuzzFeed now enjoys 7 billion monthly views on all platforms.
  2. Lego, Red Bull, and PlayStation are the brands provoking the most engagement on BuzzFeed.
  3. BuzzFeed videos are among the 10 most viewed channels on YouTube.
  4. Cooking videos get more than 1 billion views a month.
  5. 1/3 of CNN news videos in August has been watched on BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed is probably both the weird and the smart choice for video content. However, it should be noted that in this case, one is rather going to be an addition to the native video rather than fully owning one. However, it may be a good plan to sneak into those cooking vids with your super smart kitchenware or killer recipe (not literally).



  1. Twitter welcomes 313 million of active users now, and the number is growing.
  2. #Rio2016 was viewed 75 billion times on Twitter. Michael Phelps has become the most discussed person during that time along with the swimming activity.
  3. 90% of Twitter videos are watched in the mobile app.
  4. Only 11% use the search feature to find videos. 25% of users discover videos through their friends’ retweets.
  5. Native videos on Twitter provoke 2.5 times more engagement.

In order to rule Twitter, one should definitely get to the audience’s close circle. As the number of video dedicated searches is notoriously low, you can only try to go in flow with some major event. Otherwise, your video is going to be forever unseen.



  1. Instagram videos have increased the viewership by 40% since the beginning of the year.
  2. Nike’s Instagram stories have received 800 000 views in 24 hours in comparison with 66 000 on Snapchat. So, know your audience.
  3. 95 million of pics and videos are uploaded to Instagram daily.
  4. 60% of consumers find about a product browsing Instagram.
  5. 83% of people attending social event transmit it through Instagram.

Instagram is on fleek. During all the major events in your life, you turn to this old friend. That’s funny how enormous is the difference between Snapchat and Instagram views at this point, regarding how recently Instagram live videos have appeared. Well, it’s all the matter of loyalty and FOMO, anyway.

All in all, all these platforms are great to some extent. It all depends, as one may say. It should be noted at some point, that the audience and the mood of every platform are pretty different. So, it is probably a good idea to take into account not only the age of your viewers but what message you want to transmit.

The video clearly dominates the content terrain both in terms of production and engagement. That’s why all the major social network improvements start with video feature introduction or development. We hope this statistics has made you to rethink your content strategy in favour of the most popular one. All in all, your customers, just like you, are visual creatures.

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