Media artist ::vtol::, a.k.a. Dmitry Morozov, generated electricity and created electronic sounds, using 4.5 litres of his blood.


About the installation

All Morozov’s projects focus on technological art: robotics, sound art and science art. His latest project is an installation ‘Until I Die’. It operates on unique batteries that generate electricity using his blood.

The total amount of blood conserved was around 4.5 liters. It was storing up patiently over 18 month. Then the blood was mixed with distilled water and preservativesdiluted to yield 7 liters, the amount required for the installation. The last portion of blood was taken during the performance presentation.

The installation involves 5 batteries. Each of them has 11 storage tanks, which contain electrodes. Batteries generate volts. The main battery converts volts to energy and create a sound.

“Something that is me”

Creating the project, Dmitry Morozov had two main ideas he wanted to share. “The first one is my desire to create a techno-biological hybrid device after several years of fruitful but exhausting work. “This device would be something that is in all but name me, that uses my vitality to create electronic sounds”, he explains. “Moreover, I become the observer, looking at my own performance by a device that exists as a result of my efforts and is located outside my body”.

The performance illustrates the brevity and fragility of human being. ‘Until I die’ was open for 8 hours after the launch. It was a symbol of life’s transiency. “This was not an attempt to create an advanced technology; it was a symbolic act”, Morozov says. “However, to some degree the project ironically criticizes alternative energy sources and concomitant ethical questions”.

Another aspect the author of the project wanted to emphasize is the role of electricity in modern life. “This is the cornerstone of my creative work”, Morozov elucidates. “The fact that my body’s most important fluid can animate a device designed as an extension of myself beyond my body is also very significant. Here we come down to the other main premise of my project, blood donation and transfusion as ways of sharing one’s vitality with another person (or, in my case, with a hybrid system)”.


Cosmism as inspiration

The artist got inspiration from Russian cosmism. Its main idea is that cosmos is an ordered and regularized space. A person is an insignificant part of this world. But all people present like micro-spaces too. Cosmists tried to save these micro-spaces and find a way to prolong the human lifespan.

The key figure in this pursuit, Alexander Bogdanov, dedicated himself to improving the technology of blood transfusion. He believed that this is not only good for life-saving procedure, but also as a metaphysical act yielding a brotherhood of blood among revolutionaries and, later, among all the citizens of a new and progressive nation. Alexander Bogdanov viewed blood transfusion as a way to share wisdom and experience of eldery people. Young generation, in turn, could rejuvenate the elderly, he believed.

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