To students, the quest of finding the dream-job is never ending. Which is why discovering a new platform for job-hunting immediately brings out the spark in the eyes of campus dwellers. University Beyond by Doug Messer is the new place to do your search for the perfect on-campus opening. 

The burning issue of student (un)employment

Doug Messer (on the right) is the co-founder and CEO of University Beyond. He left Syracuse University to found his own business, and we should all be thankful he did. The platform created by this 23 years old entrepreneur is helping both students-employees and companies-employers:

“The proportion of students who’ve graduated and are not working in their chosen field – coupled with the disparity between current and former students’ opinions on career readiness – suggests that colleges face a challenge in delivering on the promise of providing the work experience needed to be successful in the workforce. University Beyond not only provides students access to paid job opportunities, but helps reduce the $5,000 average cost per hire that employers face year over year. Through on-campus programs, employers can begin working and developing a talent funnel as early as freshman year.”

And students can work on their CVs as early as freshman year too! After all, you can never be too qualified.

Entrepreneurship in his veins 

It’s no surprise that Messer found his calling in entrepreneurship:

“I come from a family of entrepreneurs, so I’ve been exposed to it my whole life. My grandfather started an accounting firm, and my dad started a construction and development company, so it was a natural progression for me. I was that kid selling candy on the bus at 12 years old for a few cent profit.”

Fast forward 10 years, Doug started his own successful business and quit university.

University Beyond was, in fact, created in an attempt to expand on a different business idea: “We were frustrated with the lack of options to recruit additional students for our program and had to use multiple platforms to execute it. That’s when the idea for University Beyond came to mind.”

In TheMoneyChamp podcast, Doug talks about starting University Beyond while in college and the benefits you can get as a student: there’s the access to free research, or help from the teachers, who have been in the profession or field for decades.

College is by far the most inexpensive and resource-heavy advantage that you have over anybody else.

The road so far 

After Doug reached out to and got responses from 60 brands, who were interested in the services of University Beyond he was able to gather some capital from friends and family to start UB.

“University Beyond has helped hundreds of students not only gain the key soft skills needed when entering the workforce but successfully placed over close to 1,000 students with internships and jobs both on and off campus.

Additionally, we’ve partnered with numerous workforce development organizations like The National Association of Colleges and Employers, The Leauge for Innovation in Community Colleges, and have a three-year integration partnership with Blackboard, the largest learning management provider.”

UB’s clients include Airbnb, AT&T, Dell, Amazon, Pepsi, Starbucks, Iconix Brand Group, Grubhub, Kaplan, Sperry, The Economist, Buzzfeed, and 200+ more. So you can work with that beloved brand of yours too!

UB has already received some well-deserved awards, and the list is long. Just to name a few…:

#1 Platform for building a successful internship program by
Wharton Reimagine Education Award for improving employability
Finalist of the Forbes Under 30 One Million Dollar Change The World Competition
Finalist of the NY Young Entrepreneur Challenge
Finalist of Student Startup Madness

How it works 

“University Beyond connects students on-campus with job opportunities ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Dell, Kaplan, AT&T, and over 200 others. The on-site job board allows students to browse and apply for jobs on their campus, and the collaboration dashboard streamlines task management, file sharing, communication, reviews, and payments. Last semester UB provided over 500 students with work experience to not only earn money but enhance their resume and create relationships with their favorite brands.”

The step-by-step process:

First, you sign up for a free account. That already is a good thing. Then, you search the job until you find The One! After that comes the dreaded application process. On University Beyond it only takes a click! Finally, here comes the fun part: you start earning! Now you can even sponsor the every-day dose of Starbucks you can’t live without. Or that dress for that one event you won’t ever wear again. Or anything your heart desires. Sure your parents will be proud too. It’s a win-win.

So, what’s the difference between University Beyond and other similar platforms? UB allows you to make your own schedule and have all the chances to get paid well above the minimum wage! If that’s not enough, UB works with the top startups and Fortune 500 companies, so you can feed your vanity. But really, your CV will get a great boost.

The image above is a screenshot of UB’s search page. I haven’t signed up (Yet), so the options were limited. However, the important thing here is the column on the left. See the paid/unpaid heading? Unpaid isn’t even on the list! And of course, there is quite a variety of jobs you can do! From ambassadorial roles to social media team member.

I’d say there’s no reason not to try University Beyond.

The bright future 

Did you know that “according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, if a student works for a brand more than once during their college career, they have a 90% chance of receiving a full-time job offer upon graduation.” I think it’s more than good news!

University Beyond has “generated six figures in revenue in Q1 2017, as well as went through a top 5 U.S accelerator. The long-term vision of University Beyond is to have employers transition their students from on-campus brand ambassadors to summer interns.” And, if the statistic above is true, to full-time employees after graduation. That’s it, I’m signing up!


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