No sooner had we written about Facebook, which is increasingly moving from the social network format to the content platform, as Twitter surprised its users by changing their positioning in the Appstore from “social networking” to “news apps”.

Just a day ago attentive Twitter users noticed a very strange change – the mobile application of social network, which for several years have successfully being settled down in the section “social networking” next to such competitors as Facebook and Snapchat, shifted to a fairly unexpected category of news applications (news apps), where you can find applications like Stumpleupon or Feedly.

By the way, it is interesting that, according to App Annie, this reshuffle has allowed Twitter to take immediately the first place in this category.


Unexpected “pivot”


Why does Twitter need such reversal?

The is no official answer to this question yet, but experts believe that Twitter, watching SnapChat successfully “drags” Facebook users felt serious concerns about pace of growth of its audience too.

For example, Twitter has recently published a report for the second quarter, which demonstrates a very sluggish influx of new users. The situation wasn’t  better in the first quarter – Twitter just added 5 million new users, bringing the total number to 310 million. In comparison, for Facebook this figure is 1.65 billion users per month.

And this, in spite of the integration of new functionality, including the so-called “moments” and updates of the feed-timeline.

In general, the problem of stagnation of service development is recognized not only by curious professionals, but also by top management of the company. In October, the management of the company returned to Jack Dorsey, and Leslie Berland from American Express was hired to the position of Marketing Director. In addition, a team of curators was collected to conduct “Moments”.

Key point of Twitter strategy was the attraction of attention of a new audience, including the one that prefers today a multimedia and interactive formats of communication. Again, here it is impossible not to recall SnapChat.


Not the best of times and experiments


Some experts believe that Twitter has now entered a phase of peculiar turbulence, when after prolonged growth, the company found itself in the ceiling of its functionality and of what it can give to its audience.

For example, in January, Twitter has already lost 5 of its key executives. At the same time, Jack Dorsey still continues to work “on two fronts”, continuing to combine the CEO position in the Twitter and the same position in the Square Inc, it is unlikely that this situation can  benefit the first one.

On the other hand, some sources share opinion, that despite all the difficulties, Periscope growth, which during only first 4 months of its life has attracted 10 million users, can compensate company’s failures.

We can only watch and wonder, why on Google Play Twitter app is still in the same category – Social Networking.

And what do you think?

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