When the era of digital media revealed its irreversible power and tenacity and enabled Twitter with other popular social platforms to influence even the elections results in U.S. no one doubted that the time when politics will depend on and be ranked and estimated by social media was coming if hadn’t already come.

The new NewsWhip Analytics which is famous and loved for its monthly Facebook rankings revealed the political content publishers who generate the most engagement on Twitter and Facebook.

News on Facebook have already become a trend which does a great favor to publishers who found one more way to attract the audience posting their content on such platforms.

US elections this year made politic one of the most enquiry topic on social media. And that’s why it brought up a vast resonance in digital and social sphere. Analytics of NewsWhip were aimed to determine publishers who earned the most engagement by incorporating Twitter shares and Facebook interactions. And that’s what results showed:


Top ten publishers

Operating with political content published between May 13th and June 13th in 2016, analytics came up with the list of publishers producing both broad and exclusively political content. Compounding Twitter and Facebook interactions which are shares, likes and comments, pointed a top 10 publishers for one month period.

Top 10 Publishers Of Political Content

This rank of most popular and reliable politic content publishers headed Breitbat with 3,041 stories and 9,098,013 total interactions. In spite of some inaptitude in results when publishers are ranked only on Twitter, the numbers on Facebook still stayed the same. And that means there is a breakdown in Twitter and Facebook interactions.

The best part of Breitbat’s interactions came from Facebook and made 89% of all interactions meanwhile only 11% came from Twitter. Next position after Breitbat was occupied by The Huffington Post which gained 7,3 million interactions and beat The Hill on almost 4 million interactions.

Only after them goes CNN which earned 4,3 million interactions, then trio of the Guardian, Washington Post and Politico with 3 million interactions. And finished the rate Wall Street Journal,The Daily Kos and NBC with less than 3 million interactions.

Interesting that no one of top 10 publishers earned even a million interactions on Twitter as the majority of them came from the Facebook. But if we compare only Twitter shares, CNN and Wall Street Journal generated more interactions than Huffington Post and in fact Fox News would also got into top 10, generating 292,800 shares which is more than NBC.


Top 10 from the other angle

In order to fling away all deceptive moments in the rank analytics compared average engagement of publishers during this period of time and one more top ten was made.

In this terms when engagement was calculated per story New York Times seems to head the top earning 8,513 interactions for 143 stories. NYTimes and Fox News are known as authoritative and reliable sources to deal with political news. That must be no surprise that this time NYTimes beats Breitbat, the thing is the more average interactions a publisher gets the more heritage and constant audience it has.

Top 10 Publishers Of Political Content

The second after Times became Allen B. West gaining 6,274 engagements for each published
article. Moreover, this means that the site has even more reach than overall figure can afford. In fact not so long ago the same analytics came up with the trend on conservative publisher as Allen B. West.

The same growth in ranks shows Vox when it judged by this point. And to the contrary the Guardian and Politico can’t boast with it as even in this metrics publishers changed their fifth and seventh positions to ninth and tenth. And even 2000 new interactions couldn’t change the point as they were earned via 1000 stories just in one month.

Not to be flamed by appealing numbers you should remember that only an individual story reach values for a publisher. And a vast number of average for any publisher means big variety of readers and interested consumers. Meanwhile highly valued reputation and influence provide publishers with a great audience and ability to enhance important audience.

However, there are some publishers who cannot stay thankful to such kind of metrics. For example, Yahoo got in the top of 25 publishers and generated 640,643 total interactions but each its story earned only 64 average engagements which is far less than enough. And still, according to the latest Reuters report, that’s not time for Yahoo to admit its diverse and lose heart. It the same has a great audience and remains the most popular source for online news in the U.S.


Top 10 Publishers Of Political Content

That is what the best story means

Finally, the best story which was published on Guardians website became Peter Souza photos from the White House which Souza made during Obamas two terms. Peter Souza appeared as a candid photographer who showed Obama’s legacy during his last month in office as a president. This story got 199,500 engagements on Facebook and 6,110 shares on Twitter.

And as far as elections guided media on political theme this year, the next big story is Wall Street Journal’s article about Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders who could pip Clinton to the Democratic nomination. It earned 178,000 engagements from Twitter and Facebook even despite the fact that it was published before the California.

But not all the time we talk about politic on Twitter and Facebook. And finally here are two more other stories which managed to get into the top. That are transgender rights theme – it also became number one for cinematic outspends – and Muhammed Ali death.

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