Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in terms of their presidential race moved their political war on Twitter, and this time Clinton absolutely beat Republican frontrunner with 480 mentions for #deliteyouraccount.

Since elections started Twitter had become the platform for online wars between frontrunners. And here we have the story about how one tweet and just tree words made Hillary Clinton as popular as never before.


Who started this Twitter Wartrump_clinton_twitter2

The very time Barak Obama endorsed Clinton saying that she’s got courage, compassion and the heart to get the job done, Donald Trump wasted no time and immediately responded it on his Twitter account:

However, Clinton did not hesitate and with the same velocity just in three words responded to this condemnation. «Delete your account» in an hour became one of the most widely shared tweets of this 2016 campaign and the most ever shared Clinton’s tweets ever.

Several hours later it became an absolutely trend on Twitter and Facebook and was surfing the web till it raised 480 hundred tweets and 610 hundred likes. Just in one day Clinton’s independence on Twitter soared and raised up over 74,000 mentions.

Radio stations, publishers and even brands such as ASOS could not ignore this aftermatch. Surely, there is no need to mention trolls who hastened to come up with funny memes such as Ryan Sikes’s deletos.


Twitter’s politicians

Despite the fact Trump continued this battle and tweeted another mordant response: «How long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up–and where are your 33,000 emails that you deleted?» which couldn’t beat #Deleteyouraccount, Clinton won this round.

Remarkably that in 2015 when president Obama became a later twitter adopter, several mass media announced that researches found that Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and other Republicans used their Twitter accounts to talk about God and religion saying «we» and «ours». And they were likely to use emotional language and tweets full of swear words and anxiety.

Dr Matthew Purver from Queen Mary University of London mentioned that social media provides a great amount of data which can be used to examine and understand offline behavior. He also predicted that such platforms as Twitter could be a ground in laying out people’s personality:

«This means we could use Twitter data in future to better understand people’s behaviour and personality, while also using psychological research to understand more about Twitter users».

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