Pictures not longer enough – Snapchat becomes a new source for TV content. But how successful is an idea of creating a TV show on Snapchat?

About two weeks ago two publisher teams, Bleacher Report and football network Copa90, united and launched a new show “Saturdays are Lit”. It goes on every week, exclusively on Snapchat Discover. Its aim is to reform the traditional format of a Saturday morning football show for 14-24- year-old youth.

The show runs on at 11 a.m. on Sundays on Bleacher Report’s Snapchat Discover channel, which is available almost everywhere. An exception is UK, what made London the obvious place for creating the content. According to Bleacher Report, their biggest audience is Brazil, Canada and the U.K and has millions of views.

Bleacher Report’s director of international operations, James Grigg, comments: “We wanted to do a flagship program, but not as we’d traditionally define it. We thought about the football shows we grew up on — like ‘Soccer AM’ — and wanted to figure out what the equivalent is now for young football mega fans, who are consuming media on their phones and on Snapchat”.


TV Show On SnapChat. Bleacher Report and Copa90


The Copa90 function is to create content, while Bleacher Report’s team of Snapchat editors works with the final product. “Saturdays are Lit” will last during the Premier League football season and consist of seven snaps a week. Another seven snaps of the edition will be typical sports product to encourage regular viewers of the channel.

The content of the show isn’t tied to specific match events because they can appear any time in different time zones. So the team monitors what happens online and run funny and ironic video snaps on them. For example, the first release showed whom Wayne Rooney, Manchester United striker, could have been if he hadn’t been a successful football player: they showed him as a binman.

Every tile uphold some interaction, whether it’s swipe-ups, swipe-downs or swipe-rights. And the team logs each movement made to know which parts have proved most popular. Then they are going to collect those aspects in the following edition.

Snapchat editing is principally different from traditional video process where an editor works alone. There are four “Saturdays are Lit” editors working full time and using a combination of design, animation, editorial and video skills. “There isn’t a single part that’s not shared, discussed, with all those involved, as to what’s funny, comic timing, everything,” Copa90 boss James Kirkham says.


TV Show On SnapChat. Bleacher Report and Copa90


All the creators of the show are under 25 years old and Snapchat fluent. Tom Brandhorst, Copa90 creative strategist comments: “Discover is interesting. I use it, but not much. The nature of the content there is not for me. It’s become very homogenized and gossip/celebrity-heavy”. To be honest, he has a point! If we look through the Discover titles we can see such as: “REVEALED: Kim K’s daily make-up routine, “Now Brad has HIS say” or “10 naughtiest fruit and veg ever. Brandhorst adds that sometimes they also use such a clickbait style of headlines, but content inside is always not gossipy.

Both Bleacher Report and Copa90 discuss sponsorship opportunities. “This wouldn’t be a badging exercise but a smart sophisticated sponsorship,” said Kirkham. An expected sponsor would be a sport brand which wants to be associated with ironic and even quiet hard humor. “This is perfect for sports brands that want to reach that Gen Y demographic,” Kirkham adds. As for Bleacher Report, it has already had numerous partnerships, for example, with Nike and Adidas. The first two releases of “Saturdays are Lit” have already sparked interest from some brands and the proceeds of any commercial deal will be split by two publishers very soon.

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