Mars encourages to try new bars. After all, to try something new – cool. For example, participants of a brand new advertising campaign, just like you were not afraid to take risks. Watch “Try a Little Goodness” and follow your unusual plans.

As a gift for their first birthday, Mars brand goodnessknows—a bite-sized snack made with fruit, nuts and dark chocolate—has released the “Try a Little Goodness” campaign. It was created by BBDO San Francisco. You will agree, nothing fits the new year better than folly and novelty. Each ad encourages real people to try new things. Successes and failures shots – it is all the base of commercials. This Mars snack brand got nonactors to act in a commercial, and the results are pretty funny.


We are all actors

In the 80-second “Try Acting” video, a troupe of hopefuls try themselves at acting for a goodnessknows commercial shoot. There’s a buzz of excitement, and expected foibles, but the work also feels good-natured and fun. But the real people we see in the ad can’t just be real, they have to be real people we relate to. That’s something that this campaign gets right, as it taps non-actors who’ve always wanted to chase their dream of being a performer, gives them the script to the ad, and films what happens when they give it a go. Sometimes they’re not all camera-ready, but the spot is kind to them and rewards their enthusiasm, resulting in an ad that’s more memorable by far than if they had just had a pro come in and take it right from the first shoot.

Try A Little Goodness


Universal language

In “Try a Little Jingle,” which lasts only 30 seconds, the brand serves as a test site for people who want to try writing jingles. This one is less about comedy than it is about the diversity of the musicians’ styles, but it manifests the same well-meaning spirit. A similar spot for musicians who’ve dreamed of creating a jingle. They weren’t laying awake at night thinking of things that rhyme with “goodnessknows”. The whole thing lands squarely on the right side of the charming/cloying divide.

Try A Little Goodness

Just try it

Each ad’s conclusion ties back to the product: “Because every try is a step to being your best. Try a little goodness.” The campaign does a nice job of supporting goodnessknows’ novelty while conveying a sense of wholesome earnestness—a quality that also reflects the snack’s ingredients. Each one is just 150 calories, and boasts no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Instead, it emphasizes the cocoa flavanols in its dark chocolate, a brain-boosting ingredient around which Mars also happens to own 80 patents.

But it’s not about bars. Attract attention using ordinary consumers who have similar dreams, ideas and goals become fashionable. To be closer and easier – modern. However, remember that each product your level of “intimacy”.

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