In the United States, ways of dealing with the obscene issues are mostly a matter of time, economics and a current presidency. That’s what the whole history of the 20th century shows, at least. There were days of the Hays Code, the days of the Playboy Empire and porn chic, which dramatically ended with AIDS hysteria. Now, when the same question arose, you can smell the beginning of that Ronald Reagan’s type culture war in the air.

Porn star and sex columnist Tasha Reign is really concerned about perspectives of the adult industry for the next four years of Trump’s presidency. “In this situation, Trump and Mike Pence can pass whatever law they want since they have the majority [in Congress],” she told Vice.

Jesse Jackman is another porn star and a writer who is worried. “The proposed First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), which would allow American citizens to discriminate against gay couples based on their religious beliefs has already shown conservatives’ willingness to shape the interpretation of the First Amendment on moralistic grounds,” he says.

Trump VS Tasha Reign

Trump VS Jesse Jackman

Barack Obama

As for Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, he has never been aggressive about obscenity laws. Back in the day, he even shut down George Bush’s Obscenity Prosecutions Task Force and thereby displeased anti-porn activists. Now, eight years later they have a good chance to start all over.”The obscenity laws have not been enforced at all under the Obama administration,” said Donna Rice Hughes, who is the president and CEO of the US biggest anti-porn nonprofit organazation called Enough Is Enough (EIE). “One of the key things [we want Trump to do is appoint] an attorney general who will make the aggressive enforcement of all the laws that are currently on the books a priority.” EIE says Internet pornography is a huge factor in the sexual exploration and abuse of children. “There’s a tremendous amount of incestuous crossover in the sex industry whether it’s trafficking, child pornography, or child predation,” thinks Hughes.

Trump VS Tasha Reign and Jesse Jackman


Great Expectations

In July, Trump promised to start investigating the porn business. He was also the only 2016 candidate who signed the Children’s Internet Safety Presidential Pledge, created by EIE. Considering Trump as a New Yorker who actually made a cameo in soft porn and married a woman who used to do nude modeling, some people suppose his impulses are fake.

And even if that is right, there’s still a huge possibility that he brings to the White House those who will start opening obscenity cases. For example, leader of Trump’s domestic transition team Ken Blackwell is a senior fellow for a Christian organization, which points pornography is “a plague in our nation”. One of the top picks for secretary of state Rudy Giuliani, who is known for shutting down X-rated stores and theaters while he was the mayor of New York City. Moreover, the future vice president Mike Pence is a person, who came up with lots of laws that regulate sexuality.

What’s more interesting is that not only Trump’s staff supports his actions on porn industry issues. This year was a turning point for GOP tactics towards adult entertainment. The party officially decided to add an anti-pornography amendment to its platform. They also claimed the porn industry is a “public health crisis”, that creates a lot of harm.

Trump VS Tasha Reign and Jesse Jackman

Trump VS Tasha Reign and Jesse Jackman


The Actual Researches

“None of that is based in science, of course—access to adult material correlates pretty strongly with decreases in sexual assault, and increases with sexual knowledge, health, and even feminist attitudes,” said Mike Stabile of the Free Speech Coalition, a non-profit assosiation of adult entertainment. All in all, facts and numbers speak for themselves. According to the annual national victimization survey, the rate of sex crimes dropped 57 percent between 2000 and 2009, when porn started exploding through the Internet. The similar researches made in China and Czech Republic have also found a direct dependency between the severity of porn regulations and a number of sex crimes. Ones against children were also included.

“What we can do, and what we have always done, is fight against intolerance and shame and bigotry, and for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of existence,” says Stabile. Seems like First Amandment Advocates and porn stars are ready to push back.

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