Ever since Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign in June 2015 the hype around his personality does not cease. The Republican candidate has enormous number of followers – more than 30 million – on social networks. In Twitter he surpassed 2 million readers of even the strongest opponent, Hillary Clinton. It might seem that earned media could add to a thriving Trump’s business further success and fame.

In fact, everything turned out differently. Despite the fact that Trump made a fast buck ($2 billion) in earned media, his properties losing foot traffic during campaign. Without unnecessary preliminaries, let’s move on to what we now know and analyze the situation together.


Count Foot Traffic

The location-based apps Foursquare and Swarm have conducted studies which reflected the main trends of the popularity of Trump’s properties, which include hotels, casinos and golf courses. Just for the record, Trump licenses, but does not own, many of these establishments, they only bear his name. Let’s see how studies were carried out.

Foursquare offers location-based information to users, while Swarm gives the social check-ins. Local search and discovery app Foursquare covers over 50 million users a month. Using Big Data of foot traffic from the both platforms, researchers have determined how commercial fortunes of Trump’s properties are rising or falling.

Trump. Traffic Statistics
Demonstrated results are eloquent. Prior Trump joined the race locations share of visitors to his properties had been steady year-over-year. In August 2015 it was down 17% from the year before. Despite the fact that these numbers more or less stabilized in the coming months, with the onset of Primary voting season share losses grew again. By March 2016, there was a drop by another 17%. There are some very unlucky victims. The Trump SoHo hotel in New York City, the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago and Trump Taj Mahal casino resort in Atlantic City down between 14% and 17% in raw foot traffic since March as compared to last year.

It is particularly noteworthy Taj Mahal. Incidentally, this is exactly one of the buildings, which bears the Trump’s name, but which controlled by billionaire Carl Icahn. The casino has had a miserable financial history since the opening. On August 3, it was announced that the facility closing its doors after Labor Day, explaining by the fact that workers’ strike dragged on and hinders business. Although, Foursquare assumes that the problem is much deeper. But the best is yet to come.

How Trump's Media Activities Hurt His Business
Foursquare had another observation. They noted that the most low ratings come from the Blue States and women. Although the researchers do not undertake to say with certainty, but a sharp decline in the popularity of Trump-branded properties connects with the identity of Trump and hostility of marked groups.


What Others Say

It is worth a look whether there are more opinions on this topic. We are lucky to find the results of the polling and strategic consulting firm Penn Schoen Berland, made for Forbes. They asked 500 U.S. residents who earn at least $ 200,000 annually. According to researchers, it is exactly the group which would be likely to influence travel decisions. The survey is sufficiently fair and balanced: 156 identified as Democrats, 172 Republicans, and 172 independents. Of these, 257 were men; 243 were women. The results showed that «45% would make a specific point of not visiting Trump-branded properties over the next four years». 77% of these Trump-averse people agreed: “Over the course of his presidential campaign, I have found Donald Trump to be an unwelcome and generally negative addition to the political and social arenas – and by not patronizing his business I would be demonstrating my opposition.”

It would appear that it cannot be more eloquent. However, there were also those who may challenge the results. Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump refutes the findings and says that now the business is booming like never before. That is specifically his words: «You don’t run huge occupancies and huge ADRs (average daily rates) if people don’t like your brand. I can have a survey conducted about anything, but it’s not actually indicative of what’s happening on the ground. Our properties are booked every day».

Altogether, we have a picture of what is happening in the world of Trump’s properties. Perhaps, for the majority it’s obvious that the race, which the controversial Republican took, could not but affect his business. Maybe someone say that there are no bad PR, but in this case it is apparently not. Is it as bad as the results show, only one Trump probably knows.

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