Regardless of the questionable results, fans of Marilyn Monroe keep posting her photos on Instagram and Pinterest, covering the actress in tattoos and other stuff that, as they believe, will return danger to her sterilized image.

 Marilyn Monroe was a global symbol of beauty, glamor, and sex fifty years ago and she still is. Moreover, her sexual roles and nude photos in magazines like Playboy gave her a reputation of one of the most controversial women of the 20th century. Monroe was not only a talented and beautiful actress but also, according to the Internet, she was a woman of a true wisdom. The social media users are inspired by her quotes posted on Instagram and Pinterest, but many of them were not ever even said by the actress. A new group of Monroe fans thing that they can buck the trend. Using the hashtag #ThugMarilyn they are posting pictures of Monroe covered in tattoos, wearing streetwear and even holding the guns.


These posts cover the actress in a 20th-century aesthetic that is really different from her role specialization which is widely known thanks to posters, quotes, and other things. No to mention, the images of Marilyn Monroe have always been open to interpretation as the actress played comedic roles while in real life she was suffering from depression, but it is questionable how the hashtag associates tattoos and guns with a dangerous coolness. The invocation of the word “thug” is also really questionable. This term is usually used by Megyn Kelly when she is talking about black youth.

On Instagram, the oldest public post of #ThugMonroe goes back to July 2012. User @ryanball displayed a painting of Monroe covered in tattoos and the caption was “Got the first piece of artwork for new place”.

People, who post images under this hashtag believe that Monroe “looks hot either way, but she looks so much more attractive this way”. Moreover, there are a lot of shirts with these pictures, but most of them lack the approval of Authentic Brands Groups (ABG), the company that owns Monroe’s image. These shirts and other stuff, which contains #ThugMonroe images, are not just meaningless things for fans. One of them says that she has one shirt. which her friend gave her, and after the end of the friendship she notes “She’s a bitch, but I will always treasure that shirt”.

Today Monroe seems beige, but in post-war 1950s, her nude photos and outspokenness about being abused as a child ignited controversial debates. “You really just have to look into her life story,” one of the hashtag lovers says. “Some people (retards) thought she was a slut for [posing] in Playboy.” Anyway, for those who post their photos in these shirts or just paintings and images of tattooed Monroe, this way of the interpretation of her style accentuate actress’s authentic image. The thing is that Monroe had a difficult life as in her childhood she spent a lot of time in orphanages and foster homes, and when she was an adult she suffered from depressions and had some problems with drugs. Also, we all know about her death, shrouded in secrecy, in 1965, which was considered by conspiracy theorists as a murder by the Kennedy family.

#ThugMarilyn creators firmly believe that this movement brings authenticity to Monroe’s life and legacy and it makes her more relatable, but it contains multitudes and contradictions. The images of a tattooed, gun-toting MM which adorn unofficial t-shirts, phone case, and social media pages, are the antithesis of the real Marilyn’s persona and her gentle, introspective private self. She never flashed guns or paid for tattoo sleeve but the essence of this “project” is not that meaningless as her public persona consisted of playing dumb blonde comedic roles while navigating a tragic personal life and sexuality the public deemed controversial. So an execution of fun’s idea may be questionable but it makes sense if you know what was taken as a basis. We have already written about hashtags as something which can help someone attract more people to the brand, idea and etc, so let’s have a look at further development of #Thug Marilyn and maybe one day we will see such images in photo galleries.

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