In the past five years, Texas gave home to some of the most mind-blowing EDM festivals in the whole world. Thus, it played an essential part in the genre’s resurrection and consequent flourishing. However, what made Texas so attractive for the fans of crazy bangers?


Texas: The New Capital Of EDM

EDM Lights All Night

Lights All Night, the most famous EDM festival in Texas, took place on New Year’s Eve. There, everyone could see some pretty dazzling images, mini-shops drowning in neon lights, and crazy fairs getting you into the atmosphere of frenzy. Moreover, it is all buoyed by the amazing line-up, including A-Trak, RL Grime, Nero, Zedd, Above&Beyond and the legendary deadmau5. Obviously, that sounds like an ideal weekend for an EDM lover. And most probably, it is. Besides, Texas is home to other similar festivals like Sun City Music Festival, Day for Night and Ultimate Music Experience. All that creates a perfect infrastructure for the EDM market development.

In 2010, two university graduates Hank Keller and Scott Osburn gave birth to Lights All Nights, which drew six thousand people in its’ first year. Now its capacities grew to 40,000 people with the likes of deadmau5 and A-Trak performing on the main stage. Well, this is a hell of a progress, isn’t it?

EDM Lights All Night

At first, it may seem that the Texas scene is still minuscule in comparison with those of New York and Los Angeles. However, this is what gives the region this great opportunity to develop. As a matter of fact, those famous American scenes on each of the coasts are dramatically overfilled. The market saturation is just incredible, whereas in Texas, the scene has this perfect potential for expansion.

Most strangely, people are willing to go to Texas for the sake of these parties. The state is quite distant from the most populous American cities. Still, a lot of people live in Texas itself, but, according to Lights All Night’s figures, 75% attendees came from outside the main city of the state, Houston. Apart from all that, people come there to live, considering the state’s good economic environment.


The Roots Of The Frenzy

Lights All Night

In fact, Texas had a fast-developing EDM subculture since the 90s. In the beginning of the 2000s, a large electronic music festival called Electric Daisy Carnival took over the market. It was created by Insomniac Events founder Pasquale Rotella, who was from Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the media representation of the rave culture didn’t allow their regional market to expand appropriately. Government considered rave to be the epicenter of drug culture. Therefore, the Texas EDM scene had to climb up the shaky ladder to reach its today’s heights. From 2008, Electric Daisy Festival gained some considerable success, but eventually the organizers just didn’t find the way for it to go further due to capacity issues.

Nevertheless, the industry rulers found a way for the scene to burgeon on the verge of 2010s. After having established the Lights All Night Festival, Texas organizers moved on to create Ultimate Music Experience, Sun City Music Festival and Something Wicked. Furthermore, all those festivals became ones of the biggest in the whole world. Nowadays, you can easily see Skrillex, Tiesto and David Guetta on the bill, playing for thousands of people, who came to the state.


How Big Does It Get?

EDM Lights All Night

Considering the attendance rates and the media coverage of the prominent Texas EDM festivals, it is easy to acknowledge its undoubtable positive perspectives for future development. Of course, there will always be some obstacles, including weather and capability issues at the venues. However, the market is able to grow much more in the nearest future. Who could have thought that Texas would become the epicenter of the world’s EDM scene? Well, now it seems like an obvious thing. The party must go on!

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