His name is Peter Robinson and he lives in Seattle. Most people know him as Ten Hundred, an artist who creates gallery shows, clothing, toys and figurines, designing art for businesses, large murals… He spends almost all his lifetime creating art because he’s truly addicted to it. Started as a musician, producer, and audio engineer, he became a visual artist somewhat by accident and that was a pathway to his current career. He can find his inspiration almost everywhere – looking around will be enough. Constant sources: comics, anime, graffiti, street art, cartoons, children’s literature, world cultures, folklore, legends… life’s mysteries. Moreover, apart from being an artist, Ten Hundred also dedicates a lot of time to cannabis industry. In other words, he is a zealous cannabis advocate, his works can be easily found in corresponding dispensaries. Having rejected weed himself, he still struggles for its legalization. Why?

Ten Hundred: Artist And Cannabis Advocate


Following his way

His story starts in Michigan, his birthplace. Considering himself an artist since a very young age, he sensed a strong need to create, to realize himself. It took him a long time to move around the United States searching for a proper nest and vocation. First step: Florida, to study audio engineering. Second step: Los Angeles, working in major recording studios. Third step: Seattle, 2006, to create his own recording studio. While moving to Seattle, he wasn’t about to settle there for a long time, but the new place got him hooked. “Seattle is such a creatively nurturing community. Both my music and my visual art have been embraced by the Seattle community with open arms and I am so proud to say I am from here”, Ten Hundred confessed to Leafly.

Ten Hundred: Artist And Cannabis Advocate


Shifting the field

As you see, the starting point was a little bit far from his current activity. He worked in recording studios and performed in bands for 10 years while visual art used to be somewhat of his hobby. “I would make a painting, then post it online and it would sell. I repeated that process until it snowballed into my current career. Some amazing folks reached out to me and asked me to do gallery shows and murals and big corporate art gigs. Everything just kind of happened very naturally. I didn’t just decide to quit my job one day and become an artist. It has been such a fun ride so far”.

So, he got consumed by the colorful whirlpool of visual art. Painting live at music festivals, painting a mural for Jet Blue in NYC, in Brazil, creating a massive mural of David Bowie on the bottom of a swimming pool… The scale is still growing bigger.

Ten Hundred: Artist And Cannabis AdvocateTen Hundred: Artist And Cannabis AdvocateHe has already worked with Nordstrom, Converse, Jet Blue, Caffe Vita, Sasquatch Music Festival… His works are colorful, bright and eye-catching, whatever he creates: apparel, paintings, murals. You can easily take some of his painting for cartoon drawings or just colorful sketches which depict fancy creatures (that reminds of Picasso, imho). But at the same time, you’ll find a lot of mystic and impressing images with bright but cold colors and stunning human figures.

Ten Hundred: Artist And Cannabis Advocate
Ten Hundred: Artist And Cannabis Advocate

Ten Hundred is always trying to express and embody his own alternate reality, and here comes his collaboration with Seattle dispensary Herban Legends.


Colours of smoke

He admitted once that weed is not really his kind of thing and now it’s been 5 years already since the last moment he smoked pot. Anyway, he remains a total supporter of de-criminalizing marijuana. “I have done tons of artwork for many recreational cannabis companies in WA state and I love creating art for these companies. The people who run them seem to appreciate art a bit more than the average client, and people who visit cannabis shops really seem to appreciate my artwork”. Cheers to colours? May be.

Ten Hundred: Artist And Cannabis Advocate

One of Herban Legend owners knew Ten Hundred well through his music and visual art, so once he proposed him to create a mural for a store in Belltown, and it paved his way to future projects. That was a sort of “Welcome” into the Herban Legends family where Ten Hundred is now working on art, music, and apparel. “I have done a bunch of art for other dispensaries, too, and will continue to work to keep bringing more art and creative energy to this awesome cannabis culture”.

Ten Hundred: Artist And Cannabis Advocate


Heading higher

Due to social nets and numerous virtual platforms, Ten Hundred is now doing his best to share art he creates with the world. His next destinations are Japan and Brazil where he is going to carry out new mural works. Besides, his very first solo art show is taking place in Los Angeles on March 25th at Gabba Gallery. Dreams do come true: a solo art exhibit in LA was one of Ten Hundred’s main goals.

Well, attitude for future? “Excited to just keep having fun doing what I love”.

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