Youtube and Gmail became the most popular digital media platforms among US teens aged 13 to 17 years overcoming social networks. How do they manage to keep these positions?

At the moment, we have at our digital social arsenal not one or even two social networks. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope – it is only the beginning of a list of all those social networks that we use in daily life. Not a secret that now the most active users are young people between 12 and 17 years. Every year the number is growing. According to some reports, by 2020 this number will grow to 18.2 million. How do you think what media platform are mostly in demand? According to research by The National Cyber Security Alliance and Microsoft, which surveyed 804 US teen internet users ages 13 to 17, Youtube won the palm. Gmail is located right behind it.

Websites / Apps Used by Us Teen Internet Users, 2016


Let’s start with the second place. Three-quarters of teens said they used Gmail as the email app. Moreover, they also claimed that use Gmail than social sites and apps like popular Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. If you refer to the chart, you will notice that even Kik scored the least number of respondents’ votes. Now, we deal with it. But what is the hype around YouTube?


The Bigger, The Better

More than 9 in 10 teens surveyed said they used Youtube platform. If you think about it, you will understand, there is nothing surprising. Two years ago, eMarketer carried out a study, which found out that Youtube and YouTubers themselves have a greater impact on teens than TV or celebrity. The fact is that the platform has sufficient funds to ensure that US Teen Vs Young Adult Internet Users. YouTuberseach person has needed content. And if we summarize some versatility and ability to respond quickly to the trends, we will have a real treasure.

There are several reasons why not only teenagers, but also quite adults keen to explore this medium. What makes YouTube so awesome?  The answer lies on the surface: there’s always something for everybody. To begin with, Youtube has a lot of entertainment content. So, after a busy day you can always relax watching your favorite comedians. You do not
have adhere to TV schedule. The content is not only entertaining, but also extremely helpful. There are so many classes and tutorials on each topic. Teenagers have a wide array of interests so it is hard to pin down specific YouTube accounts or topics they specifically like. Music is by far the most popular category on Youtube for both young and old. Artists usually like to upload their tracks on YouTube.

«Creating videos for this generation comes as naturally as creating an essay in school», – said Internet entrepreneur, professional blogger, and Huffington Post writer Chloe Spence back in 2011. This process has accelerated over the years only. Teenagers especially like to create a video blog, imitating a favorite YouTuber. Some even manage to collect a large number of subscribers and views. On this web page you could see how many videos viewed today on Youtube. After that you will realize that it is almost impossible to ignore YouTube.

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