In the days when all companies are engaged in all it is difficult to predict where new media product will appear from.  It could be USA or TBS or even NBC’s terribly titled new digital arm, Seeso. “Not sisters'” lifestory is in the holiday episode.


Their showtime

The half-hour, single-camera original series follows the young lesbian couple Cameron Epsosito and Rhea Butche as elements of their domestic life intersect. It is the underground stand-up showcases they balancing work, relationships, and the breaking down of gender barriers. The operative phrase here is “happen to be”. The show has no interest in sensationalizing their sexuality or congratulating itself on portraying it faithfully. They’re just people, trying to do a job, and make us laugh along the way.

Take My Wife's Holiday Specia

Take My Wife's Holiday Specia

“This was an unusual path to making this show,” says Esposito. At first, she and Butcher sold a TV series to Seeso that would essentially be a filmed version of “Put Your Hands Together,” but with some bonus sketches about Esposito and Butcher’s home life featured between standup sets. With Esposito and Butcher, “Take My Wife” is co-produced by Scott Aukerman and David Jargowsky for Comedy Bang! Bang! Productions. First aired in August, the TV series already aired six episodes from its first season.

Season 1 featured Maria Bamford, Jonah Ray, Kulap Vilaysack, James Adomian, Seth Morris, Paul F. Tompkins, Ron Funches, Janet Varney, Matt Braunger, Joe DeRosa and Kurt Braunohler, among others, with Zeke Nicholson and Laura Kightlinger as series regulars.

Take My Wife's Holiday Specia

Not only comedy

It feels a little silly to keep underlining that Take My Wife just about people, but such is the state of the media today that the existence of a down to earth comedy about two women who love their work and to each other is rarely sufficient to bear repeating. It is understandable that Esposito and Butcher will feel some pressure to take, given the confusion that the absence of anything else quite like their show.

In a bonus holiday special, though, the plaid-clad comedian wives are stranded in Denver over Christmas, discussing the merits of Rhea’s proposed holiday, Melissa McCarthy Day. Butcher, who proposed an activity during the holiday, had them checking in at a hotel. It was shock he concierge in the hotel airport they were stranded mistaken them as sisters and not as a lesbian couple. Moreover, they get a surprise drop-in from sterling indie-pop sister act Tegan and Sara.

Take My Wife's Holiday Specia

However, this case includes not only the social part, when people do not perceive the minority, and the characters are trying to uncover the thought. But the whole story and is supplemented by the creators, because they are relatively new players on TV arena.

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