T Studio Brand which is the brand marketing unit of the New York Times magazine has conquered hearts of the many and keeps engaging more and more people. The true reasons behind their success are simple, so let’s talk about them.


What is T Studio Brand and why would we care about it?

T Studio Brand was launched in 2014, and they nailed around 150 programs for more than 100 different brands. Beside their great work posted on their website, they also maintain social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Vimeo.

On Facebook, around 91,000 people liked their page, and on Twitter they managed to gain almost 10,000 followers. Instagram seems to be a little less popular than other platforms with only 1,825 followers. But who knows when this number will jump ahead to catch up with the success of Facebook and Twitter.

According to BI intelligence and the Interactive Advertising Bureau, in total, native ads are believed to generate around $21 billion in ads by 2018. Being a very effective complement to the New York Times magazine that hit the top of the best publishers of political content with 8,513 engagements on Facebook and Twitter, T Studio Brand beats many native ads publishers.

Well, some sources state that people are usually very skeptical about branded content, but then why do they really like reading paid posts published by the T Studio Brand?


Why good presentation puts real ideas on a table

All of us have heard that lack of creativity can really screw the market. T Studio Brand can serve as a stellar example for content marketing companies in how to get off the hook. What’s the strategy? Be a good designer!

T Studio Brand’s post “Women inmates: Why the Male Model Doesn’t Work” received more than 145,000 impressions, and the main reasons for that are rich illustrations, good graphics, and engaging images. The post was created to promote the second season of “Orange Is the New Black” on Netflix and explores women’s lives in federal prisons. A great image of the women being identified by numbers rather than by names is placed on the top of the article and conveys the main idea of the post:


T Brand Studio


Rachel Gogel, the creative director of the T Studio Brand, states that a good design can significantly improve the quality of reader’s experience that directly impacts the KPIs of the brand.


How can deep story boost your business

Storytelling can do your business a great favor, but good storytelling can make your business shine like gold. Number of sources and studies conducted by content marketing companies state that people’s brains are more active while reading an interesting story than a set of cold facts, and 92% of people feel more engaged by the content that shares a personal experience.

As for T Brand Studio, Gogel states that only after they create a story to tell, they work on the medium and platforms. She also says that good visual interpretation can only be driven by a well-crafted story.

For instance, look at the T Brand Studio’s post “Going The Distance”: a story of a British traveler going through Iceland conveys the importance of life and the spirit of adventures:

T Brand Studio


What should be on fleek in the post

You can write a wonderful story about how your helping a million of people be successful and then insert some random BUT greatly designed images in the post. Do you think you will succeed, and people interested in business will admire and share your story? Sadly, but no. Everything in your post should be relevant.

Visuals should fit your post very well, otherwise, you are probably wasting your time. Gogel says that since brains process visuals faster than text, T Brand Studio are very careful about all the images, animations, and videos they put in the post.

In “Dreams and Reality: Why Sleep Matters?”, the relevance of the design drags people’s attention to the main ideas of the post and keeps them engaged.


T Brand Studio


We just discussed the main reasons why and how T Brand Studio rocks their content marketing and gets a considerable attention from thousands of the internet users. Decent design, nice story, and relevance are the main components of their success.

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