Fashion industry is changing every season. Many fashion houses go for tricks to stay afloat. But old established companies cannot afford to betray the brand. So, how do they survive?

Boxers wholesale

Since the middle of the XIX century Sunspel has produced luxury underwear and basic garments of high quality from cotton of the West Indies. Among the first the company began to export them to Asia. However, Sunspel became well-known with the help of American boxer. Sunspel John Hill brought the idea of it home from America shortly after the Second World War. Still these boxers are sewn from smooth fine cotton with a wide panel back and joints, curved inwards as in the original cut. “Our business has been extremely old-fashioned,” – says  Nicholas Brooke, Ceo at Sunspel.

Periodically, as the old english brand, sunspel even dressed james bond (swimming trunks for sean connery  in “thunderball” and polo for daniel craig in “casino” royal “). Nevertheless, by the mid-2000s, the business got worse.”The company was on its way to extinction; the factory wasn’t being well kept, and this had an effect on Sunspel’s morale and its output”.

The rise from the bottom

In 2005 Nicholas Brooke and Dominic Hazlehurst aquired the brand . “When Peter sold the business to Dominic Hazlehurst and me the brand had been uncared for and the business itself was in distress,” – tells Brooke. “However the customer list included some of the finest retailers in the world, the fabrics used were unique (leading designers like Paul Smith, Margaret Howell, Thom Brown and Kris Van Assche were having pieces made in the factory) and T-shirts were sold in Japan where consumers know a thing or two about quality. It was an English brand with a great heritage, fantastic quality product and the potential to be restored to it’s former glory”.They repaired the old workshop  in Long Eaton and modernized the cutting of products. Then they begun to rebuild Sunspel, and started to sell not only wholesale, but also retail.

Since 2008 the brand started to sell in large department stores and independent shops of fashionable men’s clothing. The only problem was its conventionality. “ The challenge was to modernise the products without losing the core values of the brand. We improved the fits and styles as a start. We stick to some key principles. We never compromise on fabric quality. That means we continue to use fabrics we’ve invented over the years and to innovate with new unique fabrics. The brand has always been about designing everyday luxury staples and we continue to focus on doing this. That means making clothes that look great, feel great and are long lasting,” – says Brooke. “When it comes to design we stick to a philosophy of less rather than more. Concentrating on making the essential elements of our products better and better”.

Everyone in fashion industry face challenges now. But those with a great biography behind have  more difficulties. And there is no obvious recipe for remaining on top. Every company has its own experience, thus, its own direction. However, there are several common solutions. One of these is quality. Luckily, Sunspel has maintained high quality standarts for years. “ Today’s garment industry has many more producers and suppliers than at the time of Sunspel’s founding,” – says Brooke. “ Due to that shift in the market, our creative direction is now geared towards producing those superior goods historically associated with Sunspel and maintaining that quality as we update our line’s classic staples. That means always going back and improving things – never being quite satisfied, never being complacent.” Also it is essential to see customers` needs and maintain the brand at the same time. And it seems, that Sunspel successfully does that.

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