China’s radiply developing economy and Internet technologies have opened opportunities to take the top of global digital market. Upcoming Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit will demonstrate the point where Chinese digital market is now and its future prospects.

Chinese consumers of both Gen-X and Gen-Z generations are tech-hungry, according to Razorfish 2015 Global Digital Marketing Report. They tend to rely on technologies every step of the way and constantly look for even more ways to integrate it into their lives. Spending roughly 50% on the Internet daily consuming media, they build higher expectations for digital services and websites, which heavily stimulates further development of digital marketing industry.


China’s dynamic digital marketing growth

According to Econsultancy China Digital Report, the country now accounts for around a fifth of the global internet population, and their national online presence is the biggest. China attracts lots of international brands’ investments, due to continuous exponential growth in all digital areas of marketing.

For instance, digital advertising market in China is the second largest in the world after the U.S. – over 49% of total ad budget goes online. What is more, due to increasing popularity of mobile Internet usage, which takes one-third of the total time spent online, China’s advertisers drive mobile ad spendings growth: this year they invested over $22 million in mobile out of $101.366 million global, which is the second largest expenditure after the U.S.

Intensity of internet mobile activities, including buying products online, lead to processes of transformation of e-commerce to m-commerce. Basing on the numbers of last year, eMarketer predicts m-commerce growth by 51.4% and possible 55.5% reach of retail ecommerce sales in the China this year.

As for social area of digital marketing, China currently has the largest number of social network users – 514.48 million versus 195.73 million in the U.S. Chinese social media landscape is rather peculiar and presented by domestic platforms, however it doesn’t mean they’re not incomparable with american fetches. For instance, Tencent, the largest China’s tech company, owning QQ, WeChat and Qzone, isn’t so far from Facebook by key financial numbers.


China Tech Companies In Comparsion To Facebook


All in all, these numbers leave no doubt that China’s digital market is flourishing and that the country’s leading online businesses can teach a lesson for the west.


Asia’s Leading Gathering of Digital Marketers & Strategists

This November 23-24, Innovation Enterprise, UK business media company, will be hosting Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit in Beijing. During multiple sessions, leading digital experts from Fortune 500 companies will be discussing the emerging trends, challenges and prospects of digital market with over 100 senior attendances.

Since 2009 Innovation Enterprise hosts business events in themes of Big Data, Digital, Strategy and Innovations all over the world. However, second year in a row Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit takes place in the heart of China, Beijing and makes an attempt to find a key to “Understanding the Future of Digital Marketing”.


Understanding The Future of Digital: Strategy Innovation Summit In Beijing


As mentioned earlier, China’s companies with an interest in digital, whipped up by continuously growing country’s users thirst for tech innovations, can share a lot of meaningful insights for western agencies. Among this year’s Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit speakers will be many Chinese most influential digital executives from United Family Healthcare, QIHOO 360, Ctrip, CLP, Alibaba and others, whose studies on digital marketing strategies and methodology, big data and m-commerce are worth hearing.

American marketing agencies are looking up to Chinese tech and digital innovations, and events like that are able to give them an opportunity to see their best industry practices. The summit is a meeting point of industry Chinese leaders and experts, where they speak up about their business challenges on the burning issues. Such opinion exchange in many cases can prevent from reinventing the wheel and offer lots of takeaways for further implementation in projects.

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