360-degree videos are gaining popularity on Facebook. It was launched in September and was first used by Flipkart introducing its Ecommerce. But recently Johnson & Johnson and Save The Children have proved that 360-degree videos can not only be a part of a content strategy, but also a powerful social message. These companies created “Stories of HumanKind: Searching for Home» about refugees to let us know how it feels to flee your house and look for a safety in a foreign area.


Political issue

The refugee crisis has put one of the first problems of the global issues’ list. However, if we learn about those who have to flee their homes on TV and Internet, for some people it is a tough reality. And this crisis is not only the US and European politicians’ business, who allow refugees in and try to improve the situation. On the other hand, there is something to do with digital media, which can allow people from all over the world to see refugees’ struggles and teach them humanity. That’s what exactly these mobile series were created for.


Johnson & Johnson. The Stories of Human Kind

Johnson & Johnson. The Stories of Human Kind

Johnson & Johnson. The Stories of Human Kind


Realistic storytelling

It’s clear that 360-degree videos are more realistic than the simple ones. Therefore, such series can seriously raise public awareness of this issue. «Stories of Human Kind: Searching for Home» shows the story of 34000 people live an airport refugee camp in Berlin. Despite many difficulties that families and children have to face, the videos are full of pure human joy, such as making friend and learning about this new world.

“We’re incredibly proud to have been a part of this project with Johnson & Johnson and Save the Children,” says Keenan Pridmore, head of Facebook Creative Shop Studio. “The Human Kind Project shows the power that technology and storytelling have to create more empathy and action for the refugee crisis. With this campaign, we aim to go one step deeper—to showcase refugees as people—and focus on their resilience and humanity.»

«Stories of HumanKind: Searching for Home» let us see beyond the strict numbers and statistics. It leaves no place for a doubt: these people do really need our support.

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