Well, you’ve just launched a political party or movement. So the time for promotion comes, depending on which your initiative become successful and recognizable or not. We suggest 10 gradual steps how to become familiar to your target audience.


1. Know Your Target Audience

Before you start a promotion campaign, conduct a research to define who your target audience are. You can easily get this information online. For example, Facebook’s Ads Manager may be a useful tool in this sense. With its help you can see the number of your target audience based on target location, interest, ages, gender, and other demographics. Surely this number should be estimated as an approximate one, just because not all Facebook users provide correct information about their age or location. Nevertheless, this data will further help you in your promotion.


2. Be Aware Of Your Competitors

To be far ahead of your competitor, you should investigate who your real opponents are and gather all data available. It can include their official websites, pages in social media, their followers and supporters’ pages and comments, political platforms, their strategies and the performance of the campaigns they are holding now. To spy your competitors, you may probably use Google Web Search and Facebook Graph Search. If you have a Facebook page (and you do, don’t you?), then you can easily watch the pages of your opponents there and take all information you need: the number of followers, posts per week or engagements. Not to be detected, make sure you don’t add this page to your «pages to watch», otherwise your competitor will be notified that you’re watching him/her. If you want to be totally protected, just use a page not related to your campaign.

3. Build Up A Strong Digital Marketing Team

To create an efficient digital marketing campaign, you need to have a team of professionals, knowing what to do. According to Optixor, you’ll need team members with the following experience:

  • Digital marketing strategist. The one who will plan and create your digital marketing plan. A digital marketing strategist can also lead your digital marketing team.
  • Writers. The ones who will write articles, news and stories for your campaign.
  • Graphic designers and photographers. They can create and generate engaging images and infographics for your campaign.
  • Other content creators. These include video producers and animators who can create useful videos and presentations for your campaign.
  • Social media managers. The people who are in charge of your social media pages and social media marketing.
  • Search engine marketers. The ones who are in charge of your visibility, authority and reputation on Google and other search engines.
  • Other professionals who can help your team execute the campaign smoothly.

In addition, you should understand that professionals in digital marketing are very important in our digital society, but you need not overvalue them and have non-digital campaign managers as well, who will be in charge of how your offline campaign will work.


4. Create Appropriate Site, Social Media Pages And Channels

Your official website is the face of you campaign. So make sure this face is protected. To do this, you need to register your domain name in order to prevent your opponents create fake websites and make sure your name and description can be distinguished and clearly understood by your followers. Perceive your website as an online headquarter, that should be built in a transparent and honest way. Make sure you add the bullets people are really interested in, if they are interested in you and your initiative: your biography and believes, team personnel, political platforms you use, etc. As the official website is your brand identity, smash it. For example, have a look at the official site of Constitution Party, where you can easily find such subsections, as home/about/principles/elections/news/contacts. In the left corner you will also find all social media platforms where the party can be found.

Or have a look at the official site of much younger party, founded in 2010, Coffee Party USA.

Now let’s move to social media. Besides creating personal social media accounts, the founders of any political party or movement should also have social media pages, that would present them. The more the better, as you can understand. Since the chances to reach your target audience increase.

At least you should create:

Via Facebook page Constitution Party has reached 34 thousand people:

And Coffee Party USA, much more forward-thinking, as it is rather young, has 1 mln people envolved (!). Looks quite impressive, doesn’t it?

The page of Constitution Party is not often updated, but still has 7,5 thousand readers.

The profile of Coffee Party USA is much more refreshable, probably because ther audience is more digitalized. So, it has reached 15,5 thousand readers on this social media platform.

In order to derive maximum benefit from using social media, make sure you are able to run all of them, as each social media platform demands its own rules of posts publishment and communication with followers. Also make sure the platforms you use are relevant to your audience, with the object of achieving your goals. Probably this is the reason why Instagram Account is not hightly promoted by Constitution Party, as there is no much sense to put efforts in the social media that will not work for relevant audience. This reason may refer to outdated, but exsisting Coffee Party USA Youtube channel as well.

The important thing here is claiming your username on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else before it is done by your competitors or other people who want to ruin your reputation by creating fake pages. Also verification should be considered.


5. Use Professional (Important!) Blogging

Don’t undervalue high quality and engaging blogs. They can bring tons of traffic to your website, that means increasing your search engine visibility, boosting your presence in social media and reaching your target audience. Via blogging you become closer to the audience you are read by.

«Remember that political marketing is not different from business marketing. So don’t be too pushy but be a magnet to your audience. Here are some examples of ideas you can publish in your blog:

  • Blog about the current problems in your area and offer a list of practical solutions.
  • Blog about a list of popular tourist destinations in your target location. This topic usually attracts a lot of readers. It will also show how a politician cares about the tourism industry and environment in his nation or region.
  • Blog about health and education, as these are some of the most important issues that a politician must address.
  • Blog about the stories of the people whom the politician has already helped improve their lives. Make it like a case study to show the effectiveness of the politician to serve the public.
  • Avoid blogging about the negative traits of your opponents, as this can backfire».

For inspration, have a look at Top 10 2016 Political Blogs and carefully examine the content of them. Below you’ll see the main page on number 1 blog Vox, according to this list.


6. Do Search Engine Optimization

According to statistics, Google processes over 40,000 search queries in a second or 3.5 billion searches per day. For this very reason Google and other search engines are the best places to search for information about a political party or movement online. These instruments, with making your visibility and ranking high, is a great source of gaining more supporters and potential voters.

There are some basic tips how to achieve it:

  • Use specific keywords;
  • Make titles creative;
  • Write and publish in-depth articles;
  • Improve the load speed of your website;
  • Use a minimalist theme for your website/blog;
  • Create engaging content attracting back links;
  • Improve the internal linking of related pages;
  • Do guest blogging with high-authority and relevant blogs.

7. Intensify Your Content Marketing

To reach the optimum number of your target audience, you need to strengthen your content via marketing instruments. For example, you’ll need high-quality images, to add more life and visibility to your posts. For example, Green Party official website suggests an interactive calendar of all events going on in a month and has a column sounding «Why I’m Green» with photos of Party’s members and their thoughts why they’ve decided to join the movement.

Infographics also woks this way. Being hightly viral, it can be routinely published in your followers’ social media. Relevant videos are welcomed as well. In addition, you need to create your own unmistakable hashtags and use it every time you add new content. With the help of them, your readers will easily find updated materials. It also makes an interactive communication with your followers, which is really important. It shows them you care about them. And everybody enjoys this feeing, right?

8. Utilize Tools

To make your campaign easier, faster and more productive, you need to learn how Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Calendar and Google Drive work, while you use Google as your search engine. In Facebook you’ll also find a couple of tools, including Facebook Page Insights, Ads Manager, Graph Search, and Business Manager. To learn more about them, check out this list.


9. Boost With Bloggers, Digital Influencers And Paid Ads

Influential bloggers and social media influencers have real power to make your target audience learn about you, while being not as famous and as expensive as famous celebrities. Their articles can be easily found on the first search engine results pages when you are trying to find something on Google. Then why not to invite or hire them to help you in your political campaign or movement promotion?

If you want and ready to be promoted in best-in-class media companies, then examine Top 25 Digital Influencers In News & Politics article.

Another way of promotion is paid ads, such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Especially with the combination of organic online marketing, it’ll be a lot more effective. Via paid ads, you may grow the number of likes on your Facebook account from valuable audience, increase your Facebook posts’ reach and engagements (comments, shares), generate more exposure for your engaging content to trigger viral marketing. All this’ll significantly increase your website’s traffic.


10. Monitor Your Campaign And Forge Ahead

I order to have an effective digital marketing campaign, you need to regularly monitor, analyze and ensure all the efforts you make are working. Using Google Analytics and Faceook Page Insights, you can easily evaluate the performance and progress of your digital marketing campaign. To witness it long-term, make weekly reports. Review and analyze them to make necessary improvements. Don’t stop. Continue going on.

To sum up all 10 steps to promote a political party or movement, we need to underline a competitive and tricky character of such a thing. Anyhow, using these tips you’ll be able to make an easy access to available information from search engines, social media, blogs, and websites for your exsisting and future fllowers. Consequently, you’ll make a significant effort for your politicical initiative to be perceived as trustworthy and transparent one.


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