Have you ever thought about keys of success? People often forget or don’t believe in traditional methods of selling and advertising — it`s like about the social-selling model where women distribute and sell products to their friends at home. Fortunately, Stella & Dot shows to everyone that the classic works. The company includes 3 brand-houses: firstly, Keep Collective is a personalized charm bracelet and necklace line; secondly, Stella & Dot is a line of the flagship costume jewelry and accessories; thirdly, the Ever skin care line. All of them have a revenue of $300 million annually with over 50,000 sellers across six countries. Stella & Dot shares own secrets of its grand success.

Basic Secrets

One of the main roles belongs to sellers and stuff of Stella & Dot. It`s a reason why the company has paid over $350 million to them for 9 years. Sellers work with new technologies day by day. They are very modern, using social medias as a marketing tool is an example of these words. Stylists develop the website to sell the products by the Internet and make relationships with customers stronger and more longtime. People can see that it`s not an e-commerce play because it`s one-on-one communications. By the way, the same system prompted the businesses of Beautycounter, Rodan & Fields, Chloe and Isabel.

Stella & Dot

Surely, it`s not enough. The recent visit to the Stella & Dot’s New York design studio for the Fast Company Innovation Festival demonstrates one more time: beauty and qualitative products are in the centre of the theme. Rahul Gupta, the company’s director of product development for jewelry, says that the quality is very important and all customers should believe in their own sellers in Stella & Dot. «If you go to a store like Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s and there’s something wrong with a product you buy, you might get mad at the company,» he says. «Here, it’s all about personal relationships. For our stylists to be successful, they need to be able to confidently serve their customer base without the fear of something falling apart.»

There are some more aspects. Blythe Harris, the company’s cofounder and chief creative officer, holds an idea of the importance of a constant stream of fashion because it inspires creators and designers and suits to many absolutely different clients. To tell the truth, it`s really hard to create not seasonally but non-stop. If other brands just buy products from manufacturers, Stella & Dot produces their jewelries from scratch.

Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot

Hand Making Is Great

Obviously, nowadays the most creations are made by different technological programs like CAD, 3D imaging, and 3D printing. They are nice. Harris has a difficult opinion about it. He has installed jewelry benches where people can play with beads, metals and so on. Somebody may thinks that it`s a comeback to the stone Age but Harris believes in his steps. «It’s important for people throughout the organization to have an opportunity to escape from their computers.» «Getting out of your comfort zone with whatever medium you’re working with as a creative, and really getting your hands on a different technique, often sparks a lot of creativity,» she says.

Stella & Dot

Destroy The Routine

Harris adores travels and believes in the useful of meetings with lots of cultures, views and traditions. It makes designers more open-minded and stylish. As for her, she had inspirations from trips to India and France. Good news for workers: they don’t have to spend a lot of money to travel because Harris makes this moment easier. «If you don’t have the budget to travel, you can disrupt your routine by going to work a different way, go to a new restaurant, or find ways to meet new people,” Harris says. “When you disrupt your thinking like that, it actually slows down time, and you start to be able to take in all your creative inputs differently.»

Stella & Dot

Time Management

Yes, time management supports the creativity. «I block out Fridays for only creative concepting time,» Harris says. «You’re in a different mental state when your creativity is unleashed. You need to manage your time so that you’re not constantly interrupted.» That`s why Harris has some days with her own time management from time to time. She draws or come up with ideas of new collections. «It takes a while to get back to being creative,» Harris says. «It’s a very inefficient use of your time to have to go from using your executive thinking to tapping into your imagination.»

«While collaboration and social engagement can sometimes be great for boosting creativity, it is also important to spend some time in solitude» she adds finally.

To sum up, a successful brand is something much more difficult than just producing. Stella & Dot creates fashionable and original jewelries and either gives necessary beauties to customers or gifts talented stylists the space of the growth and inspiration.

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