Time is running. Idols, with whom we explore the world, grow up. Before you look around, like yesterday’s instagram stars have a family and children. But how to get out of the usual image, change the content without losing the audience. Louise Pentland got this experience. 

Louise is a UN Global Ambassador for Gender Equality, was shortlisted for 2016’s Glamour Woman of the Year and recently won InStyle ‘Best High-Street Fashion YouTuber’ and the Shorty Award for ‘Best YouTube Guru’. She’s recently released her second collection for fashion retailer SIMPLY BE (sizes 10-32) and her second LOUISE LIVE UK tour was a sell-out this summer. Her non-fiction book Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter was a number one bestseller in summer 2015. The YouTube star has millions of followers across her various networks who are affectionately referred to as #Sprinklerino’s.

Life With "Sprinkle Of Glitter"


7 years ago…

Born in 1985 in Northampton, Sprinkle of Glitte, whose real name is Louise Alexandra Pentland, worked a few office jobs after she graduated from Liverpool John Moores University
with honours in a degree in Psychology and Biology. Her blog, which predates her YouTube channel began in 2010 when she and her ex-husband decided to share their creative endeavours. While pregnant with her daughter Darcy, who was born in 2011, she decided to create video diaries of her pregnancy.

In 2014 Louise split with her husband Matt and announced in a later video that the pair were on amicable terms. Best friends with superstar vlogger Zoella, Louise and Zoe Sugg met via their blogs. The friendship, that began when Louise emailed Zoe to describe her love for her blog, can now be seen often on YouTube, where the pair often collaborate in videos together.

Louise makes videos covering beauty, fashion, lifestyle and advice. She also filmed pregnancy updates before the birth of her daughter. Two years after the creation of her YouTube channel, Louise began a second channel in 2012 named SprinkleofChatter that features video blogs (vlogs) of her day-to-day life.

Life With "Sprinkle Of Glitter"


YouTube and TV Life

Louise’s main channel SprinkleofGlitter has 2.58 million subscribers or Sprinklerino’s. Her second channel has fewer subscribers with only 1.16 million subscribers, but her most watched video has 4.06 million views and features close friend and fellow YouTube sensation Zoella. The star regularly updates her Instagram feed @louisepentland which has 2.4 million followers and includes photos of herself, daily life and her daughter Darcy on it. Her Twitter following is equally prolific with 1.79 million followers.

Louise toured the UK with her show LouiseLIVE in 2014 as well as releasing a book Life With a Sprinkle of Glitter and a diary entitled Sprinkle of Glitter 2016 Diary: Have the Best Year of Your Life! In a bid to convince teenagers to vote, Louise also interviewed the labour leader of the time, Ed Miliband in a video posted to her channel.

Life With "Sprinkle Of Glitter"


This time

Earlier this month, the YouTuber released a video entitled Finishing With Sprinkle of Glitter in which she announced that her channel was undergoing an overhall to include more adult content to reflect the growth and change in her personality. She has vowed to be frank about sex, relationships and motherhood. She just wants to reflect the fact her life has changed in the seven years since she shot to fame and show her fans more than the “sweet and sugary and untarnished” person.

She added:  “I want to make videos about the hideous dates I’ve been on. Heck, I’d like to make videos talking brazenly about some of the sex I’ve had. I want to make videos about my journey with religion and faith. I want to talk openly about my relationship with the church and what it means to me.”

Life With "Sprinkle Of Glitter"

To some extent as a result of rethinking and “maturing” Louise’s premiere novel called Robin Wildewill will be published in 2017. “After writing my first book, Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter, I caught the bug! I adore the solace that comes from sitting and writing alone, but I knew I wanted to do something quite different the next time I turned my hand to writing. I am so thrilled to be sharing my first novel with the world, these characters have lived in my imagination for some time and bringing them to life on the page has been an absolute joy. I hope readers find Robin Wilde to be inspiring, comic and utterly relatable, and that hers is a story that resonates with older and newer generations of women alike,” – write Louise about her debut novel.

It is difficult to realize that your idol changed. You got used to his image. Especially if the image is very positive. But it turns out that he is the same person. At this point, a star must be prepared for any audience reaction. The key to success as always simple – sincerity and qualitative.

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