Recent researches show the incredible level of social formats popularity among Millennials. Let’s try figure out what Social Video is about and why it surpass television in the battle for gaining audience.


Digital generation

Generation Y or Millennials, a group of people related to both XX and XXI centuries. They not only caught the TV best years but most of them spent their childhood in front of TV screens watching favorite shows. Despite this fact, it is Millennials who put under the threat television existence. They now the digital generation and they do not need TV anymore.

This tendency is not new. Millennials have been growing up with internet development. Digital video sphere has been evolving for years little by little supplanting the television. And today this process put TV in an uncomfortable position. If someone wants to start new cable network it must be competitive, it ‘better have a very strong draw’ so it has to be a real revision of the modern strategy.


Unsatisfying statistics for TV

The television system really has to be reviewed. According to research which was carried out two years ago, among 14-24 years-old Millennials time of watching TV  was about 44% of the whole time of watching videos.  Elder viewers aged from 25 to 30 spent 53% of their time to television.

Today statistics show far more threatening results. Nearly 81% of Millennials aged 13-24 are watching TV for 8 hours per week. And this is how views are divided among most popular digital video platforms. As Tubular writes Facebook gets 53% of viewers, 66% of consumers use Netflix, and championship belongs to YouTube which gets 85%.

So such results are not very satisfying for television. If the tendency keeps growing, and there are no doubts that it will, then next generation will forget about TV existence at all.



Wide range of Social video

Recently we have already talked about social video surpassing television. For detecting the reasons why the percent of Millennials engagement is so high it is needed to sort out what social video is about.

Social video does not have to be of a certain type. In general social video is a video put in social network in order to gain audience by sharing it. As it is said in one of the Hootsuite blogs types of approaches to social video are various. It can be something ‘carefully crafted as Super Bowl’ or something ‘raw’ as Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram videos.

Social video flexibility is the main reason why it is so successful. Modern people always have their smartphones with them, every day they look through thousands of engaging posts in different social networks. Social video is capable for adapting and every person can easily find, watch, comment and share videos that interest him or her.

The success of social video is obvious. Analysts predict that by 2017 video will make 74% of the whole internet traffic. Moreover, it will occupy ¾ of traffic already by 2020.


For marketers’ review

So that is the signal for those marketers who still do not apply social media strategy. Hootsuite gives advices how to start: make video sharable, make it possibly shorter, use proven story structures for good storytelling and, of course, make consumers the heroes to engage them. Those are simple rules we have to adopt and start practicing it.

Social videos do not stick to schedule, it is free and the range of it broadens every day. That is why social video is so attractive for Millennials. And Millennials are the main internet audience today. That is why marketers need to work with Millennials. That is why they need social video even more than Millennials.

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