For the last several weeks the Internet is overwhelmed with the information about Snapchat Spectacles. So you probably have already heard of new sunglasses by Snapchat, which are capable of 10 seconds of live-video from a first-person perspective. The clips will be immediately sent on smartphones via Bluetooth. The glasses look really fashionable: Snapchat has paid $15 million to create them together with Vergence Labs, a startup focused on high-tech.

An uniq offer

Actually, Snapchat is not the pioneer to create its own hardware production. As the news about Spectacles appeared, many marketers started to compare it to Google Glass, which, to be honest, was a failure. Specialists note that Snapchat’s hardware is supposed to perform better, according to two main criteria. They are appearance and price. Unlike Google Glass, Spectacles look really stylish, while Google Glass seemed absolutely awkward. People don’t want to feel stupid wearing such accessorizes. Spectacles finds the solution: they don’t pretend to be serious and suit people who have a good sense of humor. As for the price, Spectacles will cost $1306 which is much cheaper than Glass. Another innovative thing about Spectacles is its built-in camera. The camera is similar ti a human eye, which allows Spectacles to provide circular videos like in real life instead of rectangular.

But Snapchat is also afraid of fiasco, looking back to Google’s experience. That’s why it decided to release a limited edition of its first hardware. Evan Spiegel, Snap’s chief executive, also told that he is making Spectacles «just for fun». So, with such attitude it’s very hard to fail. Spiegel shared his thoughts abut Spectacles with the Wall Street Journal: “It’s about us figuring out if it fits into people’s lives and seeing how they like it.”


SnapChat Spectacles Impacts The Fashion Industry


Snapchat taps not only fashion

By such novelties we can see where future is going to. Snapchat is leading technology to deviceless future. Many users don’t care about how their devices work. Taking it into account, Snapchat is doing away with physical interface. The statement seems rather arguable, but many media companies are convinced that future lies in natural experiences, without any tapping and clicking. “We’ll eventually have a generation that doesn’t type or drive”, says Tom Ollerton, innovation director at We Are Social.


SnapChat Users Statistics


A completely new level

What’s also important, what do you need to know about Snapchat latest news is that it has changed the name. Now it’s Snap Inc. This happened just a few hours after the announcement of Spectacles. As you can guess, these two events are strategically connected. Now Snapchat is a «camera company», as it’s said on the main page of the website. Spiegel explains this rebranding as a logical decision. Since Snap is making its own hardware products, it’s not just an app. We can see the tendency of huge and rich technology companies to spend their money on wearable products. The examples are Apple Watch, Oculus rift, poor Google Glass… So, Snapchat is not an exception.
Analysts note that the company chose a suitable moment for changing its name and rebranding in general. It’s actually not too early to lose the audience by making changes and it’s also not too late. Besides, the change from «Snapchat» to «Snap» doesn’t seem any big.

Needless to say, Snap’s strategy in marketing is very careful. Starting as a small startup, now it’s a huge tech company and a real leader. Such platforms as Instagram and Twitter are already copying Snapchat’s features and adopting them to their conditions. Introducing the Snap’s Spectacles is a big step forward not only in fashion. It’s the reflection of rapid development of the platform and our generation.

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