Couple of days ago Snapchat acquired relatively new application Bitmoji. One can already say that it is a great deal for an app with almost 59 million users. Why does a successful marketing-wise platform need some side business? Let’s have a look at how it is going to change the game for Snapchat users.


A little bit on background

In case your shameless selfies are not among the 150 million of daily snaps and you have missed the digital fiesta, here is the quick explanation. Snapchat is a mobile application allowing users to send disappearing pics and videos applying various filters and geotags. Being extremely popular among the audience from 13 to 25, it is predicted to grow to 85 million users by 2020. Thus, its potential to reach the people entering the age of active consumption is obvious.

Bitmoji, in its turn is a new go-to app to get a personalized emoji. It hasn’t been given enough credit until the app was used by a couple of celebrities. And then the thing went viral. Now anyone can have their creepily real digital copy to send friends and relatives in case they have forgotten how you look. So, why do they possibly need to adopt such conceptually different child? But firstly we need to look closer to Snapchat’s previous marketing experience.


Snapchat’s Bitmoji Is Awesome News For Business


How has Snapchat earned money before?

Snapchat is known for becoming a platform to push products employing various creative ways. Here are several cases when brands did well entering the app. For example, 16 Handles, a frozen yogurt chain, offered its customers a discount for a snap with the fro-yo. That not only was a pleasant deal for fro-yo junkies, but raised brand awareness and engagement.

Another case study on Al Jazeera we posted a month ago demonstrated that relevant content can attract million of views. And that is with the retention rates of 90% for the subtitled snaps.

Cadbury also introduced a fun campaign which cost them not-so-fun $700 000. Anticipating your surprised look, one should mention that it has actually paid of (apparently so well that they are ready to do even more stuff in the nearest future).

As a result of these and many other campaigns, snaps have converted into the quick promos of almost anything and anyone. After playing long enough with already mainstream advertising, Snapchat has gone one step further. They have decided to broaden their expertise.


Snapchat’s Bitmoji Is Awesome News For Business


How else Snapchat is going to earn money now?

As one can see, previously the advertising was basically juggling with filters and brand snap stories. It has quickly gone mainstream and has lost its wow-effect. Now they have decided to get more cash with some help from your little cartoon imposter. Bringing Bitself into the Snapchat world, you drag your current or desirable lifestyle and attitude. You can even recreate any real life situation with it, like Miranda Kerr has done announcing her engagement to Snapchat CEO.

However, Bitmoji wasn’t bought just to announce about wedding. Here is the thing. While making the cartoon self, users are going to be introduced to the virtual shops, primarily major department stores. But you can be sure that sooner or later they will add some luxury stuff for the posh ones. Thus, you can try new collections of famous fashion brands and subconsciously make your purchase decision.

Another bonus Snapchat gets from acquiring Bitmoji is an ability to grow even faster. As they are not going to discontinue the independent Bitmoji app, there is a good chance of audience migration between the applications. Anyway, it seems to be pretty awesome thing to bring to the table.

When marketing world sees a genesis of the new way of campaigning, it’s already clear that advertising is going to enter even private communication. However, the question is still the same. Will it really influence the purchase decision of the millenials?

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