BOSCO is a juvenile R&B artist living in Atlanta, who has decided to shift from her main artistic venture. Why did she do that? In fact, she wanted to create a creative agency for the people who want to stay young forever. Its name is SLUG and so what does it imply?


The SLUG Energy

SLUG: How R&B Artist BOSCO Reinvigorates Minorities' Image

Brittany Bosco, or just BOSCO, moved to Atlanta after having left the Savannah College of Art and Design during her senior year. There, she planned to fully immerse herself into the world of music. However, in addition to that, she has discovered a creative community, which intended to boost the Atlanta music scene. Unfortunately, it was a primarily DIY scene with little access to wider audience, given that the NY and LA scenes were much better developed. Nevertheless, BOSCO found home at the Fool’s Gold label and set off with BOY EP in 2015. But now, she thinks she has something better to do.

SLUG: How R&B Artist BOSCO Reinvigorates Minorities' Image

Consequently, she gathered the talents from minorities to create SLUG, a creative agency which stands for all the things youthful. Most importantly, the idea was to make something like a Nickelodeon for grown-ups. Surely, everyone matures, but that should’t make people forget about the youthful energy in their souls. That is what BOSCO and SLUG stand for.


SLUG Team And Creative Approach

SLUG: How R&B Artist BOSCO Reinvigorates Minorities' Image

BOSCO has teamed up with a lot of creative minds from quite distant places in order to bring in the diversity. Art director Chibu Okere from Atlanta, creative director Kylah Benes-Trapp from NYC and lead designer Elyn Kazarian from LA are BOSCO’s main partners in crime. Among their projects, there is work with Snap Spectacle, hat company Pretty Major and a campaign for the skincare company Feel.

According to BOSCO, her previous experience in the music business has taught her a lot. Now, she knows how to target the right audience and how to tap into it successfully. Surely, creation of any project, be it a song or a creative hub, consumes loads of time, hard work and money. Eventually, if you don’t know how to sell the idea, you might end up in the middle of nowhere.


Future Plans

SLUG: How R&B Artist BOSCO Reinvigorates Minorities' Image

In the nearest future, BOSCO wishes that SLUG becomes a publication. There should be space for the creatives who are overlooked for them to get the recognition they deserve. Moreover, it should go far beyond Atlanta, where this idea first sparkled. To shape SLUG in a much more consistent way, BOSCO decided that it should be fully minority-driven. What does that mean?

As a matter of fact, this is the idea of uniting people of different cultures, beliefs and social classes and giving them space and time for self-realization. If SLUG becomes a ubiquitous success, it will certainly mean, that these people are worth a lot. If The Fader and Complex are so popular, why can’t a minority-driven creative publication reach the same heights? Yes, they can do something really outstanding despite their personal discord with the rest of society.


Cool! But why call it SLUG?

SLUG: How R&B Artist BOSCO Reinvigorates Minorities' Image

As BOSCO explains, it is a kind of a typical Atlanta idea. It moves slowly, but in the end, it ends up on the top. Thus, this is the idea of not being rushed but still being the best at everything.

In fact, SLUG has become the center of BOSCO’s life. She is ready to pause her music career to make this project as successful as possible. As no one else, she understands the importance of an agency like this, because in her teens she used to be a creative leftover, stranded on the streets of Atlanta, looking for the people who would share her vision of life and art. Therefore, she intended to create a space, where people like her would be able to fulfill their dreams and do what they really want to do? Why adjust to the world, if you can adjust it to yourself?

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