Just like Khaleesi – mother of dragons, surrounded herself with powerful mysterious creatures, Simone Giertz created an army of weird-operating (read: shitty) robots. Simone proudly holds title “Queen of Shitty Robots” and hopes she will never get a Darwin Award.

Simone Giertz is 26-year-old inventor and youtuber from Stockholm, Sweden. She became known for her extraordinary creations – robots, which can help humans in their daily routine. An alarm clock that slaps you in the face, for example, would be useful for those, who have troubles with getting up in the morning. It will wake you up so gently, that you will wake up with horror long before the scheduled time. Lipstick robot will give you a hand in getting ready for the perfect date. Thanks to your lip-makeup, you will stand out from the crowd and blend in with circus cast. In Simone`s arsenal you can also find a beer robot, sandwich robot a helmet that brushes your teeth. Despite a wide range of functions and shapes there is one thing that brings all robots together – they work in totally useless manner. And that`s absolutely hilarious!

Meet Simone Giertz , The Inventor And "Queen of Shitty Robots"


The recipe of success

Funny videos of Simone’s inventions racked up millions of views on YouTube. At the moment more than … subscribers are following her channel. Obviously, this looks like a perfectly built recipe of success.  Here are the ingredients:

  1. Own spot on YouTube

Simone Giertz started her YouTube with posting comedy sketches in her native language – Swedish. But she`s found her own spot in different genre – science & comedy. She realized that her robots should be introduced to the audience. At first she was thinking of creating a blog, but went for video format. Her first invention – the toothbrush helmet gained more than 400k views.

Simone says, that it`s really important to find your own place on such a huge media resource. Everyone here fits into specific category: beauty blogs, travelers, comedians and many more. Giertz invented a new genre, where she combines comedy and science. The Queen feels free to do everything she wants in her own Shitty Robot Nation.

Meet Simone Giertz , The Inventor And "Queen of Shitty Robots"

  1.  Experimentation

Simone admits that when she started building robots, it was not always a success. “Obviously I was pretty bad at it”, – she says. “You can’t be good at it from the start, and I decided to just embrace that, roll with it, and turn it into something funny”. Her thirst for experimentation resulted in brilliant idea of making video about her robots in a very unusual way.

Meet Simone Giertz , The Inventor And "Queen of Shitty Robots"

  1. Sense of humor

This girl certainly does know her way around good jokes. And shitty robots as well. She combined both and produced the best scientific content ever. Good sense of humor can reach viewers of different genders, mentality and countries. You don`t need to know English to understand hilarious jokes. So no wonder why Simone`s audience is so motley. “Everything just goes down easier if you add humor to it, and you can reach a lot more people if you manage to do it in an entertaining way.”, – explains Giertz.

Meet Simone Giertz , The Inventor And "Queen of Shitty Robots"


Citizens of the Shitty Robot Nation

Like many other youtubers, Simone also has her signature name for her subscribers and fans. She calls them “Citizens of the Shitty Robot Nation”. At first her audience was almost 90 percent male, now 20/100 percent are female. Most of the viewers are millennials, who are interested in technology. However, since her videos are becoming more and more popular, they also attract those, who loves comedy and jokes.

Meet Simone Giertz , The Inventor And "Queen of Shitty Robots"

Simone`s goal is to encourage people to learn about technology and all these electronic stuff. In order to reach ordinary people, she comes up with cool video ideas. She has already introduced a machine that blows your nose, chopping machine,  hair washing robot, the pussy grabs back machine, the robot, that wipes your ass….and many more.

Giertz`s main video concept is to ignore whatever is happening around her, no matter if it’s slapping in the face, spills beer or peanut butter on just-washed pants. Sometimes she makes parodies on TV Shop, promoting her creation with huge dose of humor.


Adam Savage, San Francisco and Tested

I bet many of you have at least once heard of Tested – an amazing project of Adam Savage. Simone has always loved to watch his content. And guess what? Now she is co-hosting Tested with this legendary man from our screens. Her first project in collaboration with Adam Savage and Norm Chan is a head-mounted popcorn machine. The video of them making a popcorn dispenser got almost 1 million views! There Adam builds some parts, based on vacuum mechanism. This first project brought major changes in Simone`s life. She moved to United States and now lives in San Francisco, building stuff with guys from Tested.

A week ago Simone posted a new video on her channel, where she is reading comments with her friend – Diana (known as Physics Girl on YouTube), who`s also involved in tech.

Meet Simone Giertz , The Inventor And "Queen of Shitty Robots"


Sex robot

You may wonder what happens with Simone`s robots after their creator makes another video. No, she doesn’t send them to the dump. And no, she doesn’t  use their parts for her next inventions. Giertz keeps each of them on her desk, which is getting cluttered over time. Sometimes she brings them to TV shows and events (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert or Comic-Con, for example).

Meet Simone Giertz , The Inventor And "Queen of Shitty Robots"

Here’s one funny fact: the most frequent request from Simone’s viewers is making a sex robot. Despite the desire of the public, Gietrz claims she`ll never gonna do it. Sometimes she creates something different from her shitty robots. For instance, recently she`s created a huge coil with a bulb and nice hanger for clothes. “When i posted these photos people`ve been all upset and like:  “Wait, this doesn’t suck at all, why did you post this?” – Simone laughs.


Cosmic plans

Simone dreams of going to space. According to her words, she will definitely do it in 10 years. But before her space plan realization, she`s still have things to do here, on Earth. To get a driver’s license, to buy a submarine and make some more shitty robots to entertain some millions of Internet users. Speaking of her career, Simone mentions her intention to do a TV show.

Meet Simone Giertz , The Inventor And "Queen of Shitty Robots"

But no matter where: on TV or on her YouTube channel Simone Giertz is not afraid of showing her real face – provocative and yet so cute. Once, when she was asked to describe her working process in one word, she answered in two: “Creative chaos”. And added: “F*ck the system”.

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