One story has changed the usual Shortlist Media’s course of work. The sensational news hit earlier this year about the woman working for a finance company in London who was sent home for wearing flat, gave Shortlist Media opportunity to update their content strategy. And the company handled it perfectly.


Moment Of Success

Shortlist Media, which publishes weekly, free city magazines Stylist and Shortlist, transformed story about the woman into challenge for several British blokes and filmed it. The success was devastating, judging by the amount of views – a 23 million across the social media. Ella Dolphin, CEO of Shortlist Media, said; «This could only be done in video. You had to see men falling over while making a cup of tea».


Shortlist Media Expands Its Video Strategy

Shortlist Media Expands Its Video Strategy

Shortlist Media Expands Its Video Strategy

Since then, the task to increase the number of produced video has become one of the basic for the publisher. For six months, the company has done a tremendous job over their content-plan. Primarily, organized team of professionals engaged in the creation and promotion videos for the Stylist brand, the female-focused weekly magazine that’s now in 10 U.K. cities. The male-skewing equivalent, Shortlist, is next.


Work Up A Sweat

At the moment, Shortlist Media produces five videos a week. Usually they divide them into two groups: planned featured pieces (for example, the U.S. election) and reactive pieces to the news agenda (as about mens on heels). Especially different approach to creating a second group. They are really popular and successful. Cats reacting to Donald Trump’s sexist remarks has had 233,000 views and 2,300 shares. Sometimes they produce quite obvious video content like makeup tutorials or how-to-do.

The success of the new approach does not take long. The new idea was swallowed by brands. The Flower Council of Holland asked Shortlist to create something similar for them. So that, now you can see a vide- interview of people outside a London shop about why they bought flowers. Also among the first companies working with Shortlist Media became beauty brand Clinique.


Shortlist Media Expands Its Video Strategy


Family Will Always Help

One more announcement from Shortlist Media. They are launching their own branded-content division named Family. It will help the company to ramp up the amount of the projects they do for the other brands. Thus, the company also hopes that this solution will help to increase their income from branded content to half its overall revenue by the end of the year. Now, it is 38 percent, up from 30 percent in 2015 (the rest is display advertising).

Which profit Family also gives? It nods to a change in the incoming briefs. «Three-quarters of our briefs want our help to produce content that can be shared, this is very different from 18 months ago when they wanted to create an activation around a brand,» – said Dolphin. Mainly, Family marks blending of the commercial and editorial teams. Them cooperate to fit a brief maximum. «We’re mirroring the two workflows,» – Dolphin added.

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